Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Awsome P Day!

Today we had P day and watched some really goofy LDS shows in the chapel. I am not kidding when I say that the Church of Jesus Christ in Puerto has to be the nicest facility in town. It is one of the few that have running water, AC, even has Wifi! 

I can’t believe how fast the church is growing here. About a tenth of all the people that come to church here every week are investigators! How nuts! 

This week we found a group of eight kids that liked to talk with missionaries, so we talked and invited them all to church. I could not believe it when they all came! They were really hard to control though, a bunch of antsy little kids to take of during sacrament was not easy. 

Nothing out of the norm here; we had quite a rainy day that took out the power again in the night. Hate when that happens. 

President is supposed to be coming this week, which will be great. President Collado is from Costa Rica, and has 3 kids. He is great!

Turtle season is raging! We eat some big old turtles every week! I got some turtle jewelry, but have no idea how to send it home, guess I will keep it until I come home.

Monson is going to complete a year this week! We have saved our trash for the last month, so we are going to make quite a bonfire to celebrate! It’s a tradition to burn a tie at six months, a shirt at a year and pants at 18 months, so that will be interesting. 

 Well, I have absolutely nothing else to talk about, hope you Evans’ are having a good time in St. Martin; maybe I can see you across the water...... Love you guys! Have a good time!

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