Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mission Summary

I can’t believe that the last two years have passed so fast. It feels as though the day would never come, but somehow it finally did. After the two years I finally saw my family again, and had the opportunity to go back and see members that I had met throughout my mission with my family. It was an awesome time to see my family in all of the teaching settings where my companion and I shared the gospel. 
 There is not a way to express in words what a mission is. I can’t describe how hard it was, but it is also impossible to express how happy one can be serving the lord. This time has taught me that the things that matter most in this life only come through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that no happiness comes freely, it all depends if we are willing to continue following the Lord.  
Sometimes we may feel like God is punishing us when we receive hard trials. The mission seemed this way to me. But with time I came to realize that these hard trials would become some of the most defining moments of my life.  
I am ever grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission. I will never be able to repay what the people have given to me, all of the meals, time, and their friendship. I will never be able to repay our Heavenly Father for this blessing.