Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Puerto Madness

     Puerto was super crazy this week! First off, we will start with the most! On Friday, we got a call from some hermanas that work near our area, and they told us that their investigators were possessed by demons. So we went to their house, and the investigators were inside, sitting down, and covered with some green type of goo over their body.  One was unconscious, and the other was fine. Evidently before we got there they had some kind of freak out, like a seizure or something.  We gave them a blessing and left them there. Hope something changes with them. 
      This week we had a lot of people in church which was so great! Hopefully we will see some baptisms in the near future. 

      Today we went to the beach to play soccer. We got there and were looking for the other companionships, when the pathway just ended, nine feet above the ground and into a river. We decided to jump over the river, which hurt like a dang when I hit the ground and slammed my tailbone into the sand. Don’t worry I am fine and have no injuries from it. Later we looked around for some sea shells and what not.

      I took a ton of photos this week! Unfortunately, the usb port is broken, so i will try to send them using my companions’ camera using wifi.

      Thanks for all you guys do for me, hope that you have a great week and Father’s Day!  Love you guys!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Loma Verde


     Well, it was a very good week here in Puerto again. The rainy season has set forth in, so it is raining about every day. Mud is everywhere!  I did not take hardly any photos this week, I am really sorry,  if I can, I will try to attach some older ones. 

       The power has been going out very regularly, so we have had a little trouble finding computers today, but luckily the church has a few we can use.

       Some things that I love about Puerto is that everyone loves to go to church. Our biggest competition is the Moravian church that migrated from Germany to this area, and everyone is a member there.  This week we have found a lot of people who belong to this church, but came this week to ours to see how it is. We visit church two times here every week. One at 9 o’clock for the Spanish ward, which has about

  65 people for assistance, and the Mesquito ward that usually has around 120 assistance at 4 o’clock.

       I feel like I am starting all over again, because I can’t understand anything they say, just like when I started in Tipitapa with Spanish. 

         I love all the missionaries in our zone, everyone is so fun to be around, and my comp is so awesome! If you had any questions about his name, Elder Monson is not related to the prophet as far as he knows.    The president of the branch and his wife are the greatest!  They feed and do the laundry of eight missionaries every day, while doing their callings in the church.

       Something that I have really come to appreciate in the church is the power and faith of all the sisters in the ward.  In our assistance of 80 in the Spanish ward this Sunday, we had about 9 brothers come to church (four of them were missionaries) and about 40 sisters and the rest children!  The culture here is so sad; a lot of the men work at sea for a week or two, and then come back and drink all of the time!  it is so sad.

        I promise I will take lots of cool pictures this week, possibly on the beach if possible, but here are a few, from this week.  Love you all so much, and hope that you all have a great week. Thanks for all you do.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Nahksa Pamaliki

This week has been awesome here in Puerto! Lots of cool things have happened, and my companion, Elder Monson, from East Salt Lake, is throwing fire! 

First off, our well out front where we get water has been a little low, due to the pesky neighbors getting in and taking a ton each morning.  Luckily, we bought a lock and latch today, so that will not be a problem anymore.

This week, a man came into our house and offered to sell us some spandex underwear. My comp told him that he only wears briefs, but said we would ask the other missionaries if they would like some as well, they unsurprisingly said no as well.   This morning, he came again! This time he brought
some boxer briefs to sell as well.  My comp couldn’t say no this time, so he bought a pair. 

This week it dumped a ton! Part of our area was flooded on Sunday, so not many people went to church. Only 46 people this week, The fumigators passed by this week. Our house was contained a toxic cloud that killed anything left inside. That was really good, because there are a few more mosquitos here than in Puerto.

The people speak Mesquito, a language from the Caribbean, so my companion and I are trying to learn it each day.  Nothing else out of the ordinary. The Atlantic ocean is really cool, to see right outside from  our house, and there are all types of animals everywhere, like cows, pigs, cats, horses, and tons of dogs all wondering around town. Puerto is so cool! 

Hope all is great back home. Love you all so much!