Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad Familia!

I hope the Christmas spirit is really good back there in Utah, its all great here. People  are so poor, there is not much for presents and other festivities. What is great though, is that everyone here still loves Christmas here, because everyone is Christan! Its really cool to see that here, many people get lost in the idea of presents, and festivities. Here, the people only have Christ to look to, because no one really has money to do other things. I got a photo of the Christmas party, you all look a bit older, especially Daniel and Ike. 

 A Christmas miracle happened this week. I lost my hymn book .... again.... about four months ago at a baptismal service, I left it on top of my bag, and when i took my comp clothes to change because he baptized, it was gone. Well, my friend elder Martell from California was visiting some less actives, and he found it! A little girl robbed it when she went to the service four months ago. Its a little dirty from all the little children, but is still good, and has the note that aunt nick wrote in it. 

Our other miracle was we had a baptism this week. When i first got to Puerto, we visited this lady who did not want much with us. She always said she would go to church, but never ever went. We eventually left teaching her, until this change. Then almost out of nowhere, when we decided to visit her a few weeks ago, she was ready to accept the gospel. Then, she even had her 10 year old baptized this week. It was great to see how some people are not ready to accept the gospel now, but in time they can change. She has not missed church since we first visited. 

Marcos our recent convert is doing good, he came to church twice each Sunday for the last two weeks. Here is a photo of him and my comp. We also had some heavy raining, A members house looks a bit swampy, doesn't it? 

Thanks for all that you guys do, have a great cold Christmas this year, and always remember that giving is always better then getting. Love you all!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A la Muelle

Hola Amado familia!

   How has the Christmas season been going up there in the freezing cold. Always hot and sunny here in Nicaragua. This week has been super great with my new comp Elder Torres. He is just a ball of energy, who loves to work and is always happy. It is great. 
   We had a baptism this week with a guy named Marcos. We found him about three weeks ago with Elder Shawcroft. This guy was so excited to be baptized and change his life. What amazes me is how much he has changed. Before, people say that he would wander around town drunk, doing nothing. But then he had a change of heart over the past few weeks. He has been sober since we found him. Even though 99 percent of the people we are trying to help reject it, the one percent makes up for it. We did have some problems though... When we got to his baptism at 9 am, the font was completely filthy, full of dirt because they had recently cleaned the water pumps that pump for all of Puerto. We had to spend and hour and a half draining and cleaning it and then another hour to fill it. Marcos and his mother waited 2 and a half hours for him to be baptized, it was great. He then went to church Sunday morning, and then again Sunday night! What a miracle. 
   Today my comp and I went out to meet our friend Chester on the Pier of Puerto. I snuck in some photos as well. Almost all the money that comes from Puerto comes from the sea. Today we seen a guy dragging a train of 6 gigantic turtles up the pier. They will surely end up as lunch tomorrow. It is kind of sad, but the people got to eat something more than beans and rice. 

Thanks for all the emails. I feel really distant from you guys. Cant wait for the 25! We will make plans next week for when we can talk. Any time is ok for me. Love you all, have a great week!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lots of coke and our friend Frank

Adios Shawcroft

Elder Shawcroft and Elder Croft
 This week was great, we worked really hard, have a lot of people investigating the church, and even have many people getting ready to be baptized in the upcoming weeks, then disaster happened, Shawcroft got sent to estali, outside of the zone. It was so sad, all he kept saying is that he wanted to be in Puerto Cabezas for Christmas. Its a big bummer to see him leave. The photo included is Shawcroft and I with Puerto in the back. Today I got a new companion called Elder Torres from Guatamala. He is a very nice guy from what I can tell, but I only have 3 hours with him. He is 25 years old, but I know that my spanish is going to improve a lot having a latino companion again. 

Funny story, we had to got to the police office to get some papers for Shawcroft's Visa here. When we were waiting in line, a big fat rat came running around the floor over peoples feet and hid behind a board in the office. Luckily an office worker quickly jammed the board into the wall, squishing all of its contents (The Rat). Pretty gross, those things are everywhere. We seen three of them in the rafters of our house the other night chasing one another fighting. 

A big fat dump truck got stuck in our area this week, it was tyring to go over a small bridge this week, and it did not support its weight, and the little passover broke. The truck had to empty all its garbage over the street when they were getting it unstuck, so it was like a little dump in the middle of town, not that much different than other places, because people throw their trash on the ground anyway. 

 Its water pear season, so some of these trees give off these pink needles where the flowers are, after they fall off, it looks a bit odd with these patches of pink on the ground. 
Our new branch presidency is doing well, but Francisco has gotten an infection around his hip, it looks pretty bad, and he does not have any money to treat it. It is so sad how poor some are here, he did not have 35 cents to get an injection to help the pain before we went to his house. They are absolutely broke, I think he only lives off of rice and beans, like many others here.
Thats all for this week, thank you for all the emails. I know that it gets kind of boring having to write me each week, but I really appreciate it. It is so nice to hear what is going on back at home. I already know i have forgotten a lot about that place, it feels like it has been forever since i have been home. In three weeks we can talk on Skype again, that will be great. Thanks for everything, love you all! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dia de gracias!

Happy Thanksgiving for all of you, and hope that el espiritu de navidad is there in Utah. Christmas is starting to be seen around here, most people are so poor that they don't have decorations, but others go all out. Thanks for all the emails you sent me, sounds like all is going well at home.

This week we received a new presidency in our branch. President Glen was ready to have a break, all of the pressure was on that family. Whats crazy is that all of the new branch presidency is new converts! All of them! That means all of them have less than a year as amember. Even crazier is that Accordino and my convert Francisco was called as second councilor. He had never missed a day of church until the day he was called, because he got really sick this Sunday... que suerte. But it is so great to see new people taking on great roles in the church.

Mom and dad, I had been afraid to tell you that i lost my baptismal clothes a couple of months ago, we had a baptism, and i could not find my pants for the longest time. This week Elder Monson had a baptism with his new companion, and they had the family who washes our clothes baptize their new convert. Afterward, I found my pants hanging out to dry, full of sand because the baptism was at the beach. I was really happy about that. 

On Thursday we had a Thanksgiving breakfast! My friend Elder Walker from South Carolina cooked crapes for breakfast, they were great.

 On Friday we went to the hospital to find a recent converts mother who is very ill, we searched for an hour, but could not seem to find her. The hospital is so out of date, and dirty, no one really wants to be there, but people dont know how to take care of themselves here, so everyone ends up going all of the time. We did however find another member and their baby sick in the hospital, and talked with them, then even crazier we found a member of the district presidency in the hospital with appendicitis! We gave him a prayer, because there were to many people around to do a blessing, but he looked really sick, he could not even open his eyes due to the pain. 

The photo I am sending was at lunch in a place called membreños, We are all in the same district. There's Elder Shawcroft from Colorado, Shirlee from Idaho, Accodino from Saint George, Walker from South Carolina, and Baltimore from Florida. Our district is super great, and we are all really good friends. We all have more or less the same time in the mission as well. 

Thanks for all of you guys, miss you all a ton. I cant wait for next years thanksgiving! Love you all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

And they sing, and sing, and sing!


Great week again as always. We have been working really hard this week to find some news, but with little success. We have however found some people that are amazing with the faith that they show. This week we had a great lesson with one of our investigators named Yarkha who is 19, we taught the lesson, felt the spirit, and even asked her to baptize. Sadly something was keeping her back from it, but we did not know why. Then, as we were leaving the mom came up to us and told us that we cant come back to visit her anymore because they are evangelic o. Sad stuff, but luckily our investigators sister is a member, and she still went to district conference! It is great to see that there are those people in the world that look for God on their own, and not from family tradition.

  Other news! I was going to be released from my mission on Aug 30 2016, but the MTC is having a change in the time missionaries are going to be there. So... we have been given two more weeks to work here in Nicaragua! So I will now be leaving around Sept 12. Its only two weeks more, and i left on the 17 of September, so its not to much more to do. 

  Conference was so great this week, We rented four buses to go all around Puerto to bring members, and we filled up the whole chapel! Lots of the recent converts received the Melchizedek priesthood this week, which was great. We don’t have to much priesthood power here. As you know, about 75% of the members are women, what a shame. Some people from Managua came and talked with us this week about what Puerto can do better. The Missionaries have a huge roll here, every branch has either two or four missionaries. And we run almost everything.  
Here are some photos of my house, we have a mentally challenged neighbor named Debra that comes and tries to visit our house all the time. She usually just stays at the window and talks to us in Spanish and mosquito. Its so funny. 
Also, the Baptist church is located right in front of our house, they sure love to party, and sing. All the time the pastor is singing Venga los Niños Vengan los niños que aman dios! And they sing, and sing, and sing! Their church is just so different then ours its crazy. We focus on doctrines,  commandments, ordinances, and feeling the spirit in a solemn manner. This church is all about loud music, dancing, yelling as pastors, and going to the front and bowing down on their knees at the alter. Its really different.

That’s all for this week, have a great Thanksgiving! Les amo!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Lluvia Sin Fin!

What a rainy week it has been. Every night and day some big showers are coming through, and our area is a mud hole. As you might now, all of the mesquites (people of Puerto) here build their houses upon tall stilts so there house does not get flooded. For good reason too. A members house, named Hermana Sandina, was flooded all around, like a pond in the front yard. We had to scale up the side of the porch, because the stairs were swamped. Luckily we both have umbrellas, so we don't ever get too soaked. I have heard that we are nearing the end of the dry season, but I think the man upstairs kept the best for last. 

We had a few miracles this week. We were visiting a members house on Tuesday, and found a 19 year old by the name of Edgar. I could not believe how ready this guy was to be baptized. He read all of the pamphlets that we gave him, and even accepted a date to do it. Sadly, he had to move back to Managua today, so that was sad. He said he wanted to be a missionary some day, hopefully the missionaries will teach him when he gets the reference.

Due to the rain, the church attendance at 9:30 on Sunday was about 12 people. But luckily it stopped and by ten there were 60 people! This is some serious Mormon standard time, considering Church starts at 9:00. Everyone always come late, all the time.

We have some new really cool investigators that Elder Shawcroft has been teaching for a while. We had a ton of investigators come to church which was awesome! Two are brothers named Moises and Victor. Moises came in the morning session, and victor came in the evening. These brothers are references from A recent convert of Shawcroft named Enoc. Enoc is 20 years old and is crazy about missionary work. He brings a friend to church all of the time, and is planning on serving a mission next year. Ill try to get a picture of him this week. 

Thats all for this week, thanks for all of the emails. I love you all so much. Don't forget how blessed all of you are, the people here really have nothing. Love you all!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Lots of weddings....

It sounds like there are a lot of people getting married up there in the
U.S, and there is no difference here! We sure had a bunch of miracles
this week, because some of our investigators were ready to do it
themselves! On November 7!
    We have been teaching two couples for the last few weeks, and this
week they were ready to be married and baptized!One of the families had
great opposition in their family to be baptized, because the parents are
Adventists, and they would not allow it. This couple had so much faith
though, that they did it even with this opposition. Afterward they had to
leave back home to Corn Island. It was sure a miracle that they were
baptized, because we contacted them one of the first days they arrived,
and baptized them on their last day here two weeks later. 
  After the other couple was confirmed on Sunday, they invited us over
to eat with them for lunch, it was great! They were our neighbors, so it
was really cool, right there on the beach.

More news, I no longer live on the beach.... we had changes this week,
the mission is combining the area with another, so i am staying in the
combined area, but had to change houses. I also have a new companion
named Elder Shawcroft from Colorado. He is a very nice guy, i am sure we
are going to do great. At least the new house has running water, but it
does not have the stereo or couches.
 Our neighbors kicked their drunk neighbor out of their house, so he is
sleeping on the deck of my old house now. it is so sad to see how
alcohol can destroy families like that. 
   We are have been battling the rats in our house this week, as well!
Late, on Friday night, we returned home, and there.... on my counter
top...... rummaging around my tooth brush.... was a big fat rat!!! I
quickly grabbed the broom as Elder Accordino grabbed the Baygon. The rat
took off, running up the window curtains, but with no escape. Accordino
tried to spray it off the wall, but it dodged his attempts. Then the rat
took the only way out, running on the floor. My comp and I both stomped
on it several times as it ran off, but it somehow survived, climbed up
the wall, and disappeared into the crack in the wall, luckily my new
house is rat free as far as we know. 
 Thanks for all the emails, I love you guys so much, have a great week!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Die de Muertos

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! The only sight of celebration here for Halloween/Day of the Dead is that the mayor house was closed so we could not retrieve the certificate from the marriage a few weeks ago, what a bummer. Well, at least everything else was good. 

This week we were passing for the family of a guy named Pablo from Corn Island. They live right on the beach so it is pretty sweet to visit them. They are all so great, the seven of them went to see the baptisms on Saturday and all went to church on Sunday. What a miracle. One night walking back from there house a few drunks from the street began to yell and chase us. Luckily drunk people can’t run to fast, so we made it out scratch free.

Last night though, My district leader Elder Chen was robbed by a bunch of guys in the street, they got all their money robbed along with their phone and some bags. Luckily the guys just threw some of it in the street, so they got it back today.

I went on divisions with Elder Chen this week, and it was great. He only has 19 weeks left in the mission so he knows a lot. I feel like I am always still learning how to be a better missionary. Sometimes when we don't have success it feels like I am doing something wrong, but all missionaries go through times without success.

Today was kind of frustrating because we took a taxi to go and buy food, and my cell phone dropped out of my pocket in the seat. We tried to call it a little later, but it was already turned off by someone. 

I want to thank you all so much for all you guys do for me. I love you guys so much.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hola Familia!

Thanks for the emails again, even though this is around the 60th time, i enjoy reading them every time. It sounds pretty good up there with fall coming in. Nothing to new has happened here in Puerto, just some rain like always, and good stuff like that.  

  This month we have had a hard time finding new positive investigators to baptize, everyone seems to already be part of the Morava church or something else and does not want to hear the message. It is so hard trying to share something you know is true to people that are just stuck up in their own beliefs. Luckily though, we found a family of seven people right on the beach who want to be baptized! They even went to church. This is a big miracle in my mission. Even though I have been in this area for five months now, there are always more people to find.

  Lots of dog attacks this weeks, we have an investigator named maria that has some dogs, and every time we approach her house, they try to bite us every time. Maybe we will invest in a slingshot...., luckily none of us have been bitten, yet. 

  Yeah, if you seen that picture of the beach, you can see that it is quite polluted, people just throw their trash wherever they want, its really sad. You can find everything just laying around, broken radios, tons of shoes, and even broken TV's. That's why Lake Managua is very polluted, because all of the trash ends up there. 
 There is really not anything new that happened, sorry, its all pretty similar every week, got a haircut, we went shopping for food, same old same old. Thanks for all you do familia, love you guys!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Honderainian migration

Well, as you can see by the heading, Puerto has a lot to do with Honduras. I swear about half the people here are from Honduras. There is a great division between the mesquito people in Honduras and Nicaragua that situate in the Esat Coast, and the Latin American Western Coast. There has been lots of talk about this resentment from the natives here. They want to be their own community.

The members of the ward went to the temple this week, so president Glen of our district was absent this week. It takes a few days to get there from Puerto, so its quite a journey in the bus. I cant believe what they imagine when they go their, living in a small society where only the very richest people have a car if its not a taxi, and then go to a building like that. I don't want to say my branch president is poor, but lives in very modest conditions. 

Also more stuff about Hondurainians is about our neighbors! They were baptized and married this week! It was so great, and there were so happy! The photo i sent is of them and one of their children, the others are only more neighbors. sadly, the moms mother has fallen sick and they had to return home this morning to Honduras at 4 am. Only one day after their baptism and confirmation. Hopefully they will find the church there. What luck. What is really cool though, is that I started teaching this family since I came to Puerto with Monson, this is a five month conversion! Just safe to show that some people take a little longer than others to be converted. 

Sad news....... our neighbors dog Spikey passed away.... and they buried right infront of the house... kind of strange. then the same day a boy in another neighbors house passed away and they burried him right infront of the house as well. Strange customs here in Nicaragua. 

The other photo is me and my ZL Elder Compton from Brigham city. He is finishing his mission in three weeks, it will be sad to see him leave. 

Thanks for all of your emails! I love you guys all so much, dont forget to read your scriptures and pray! Love you! 

Venido de Presidente

As you can see from my email heading, the mission president came this week to talk with all of the missionaries. it was really great to be able to speak with him, he gave me some great council to use in my work.President Collado is from Costa Rica and i think is about forty years old. He was very interested in what i had to ask him instead of an interrogation as some interviews are. He really tried to help me in all my problems that i have in the work, and is very sincere. I learned a ton.

We also got some medicine and some permeation for all those critters lurking in our house. Such as Tarantulas, Cockroaches, Rats, and above all mosquitoes. 

This week some really heavy rain came in. We had a bit of a dry spell, but this week it pored. Most of the houses here are supported on stilts, some sitting as high as 6 feet off the ground. We lived by a house that was really big, and really high. The stilts did not sit straight and we knew that it was not going to last very long. This week at 2 in the morning one of tghe days the house fell in a rain storm. Luckily the house and people were not damaged in anyway, but now they have to scrap everything. Really taught me you have to have a good foundation if you want your house to last.

This week we had some unexpected people in the church which was great. A big rain storm came in the morning, so we went out in the rain a little bit. We promised the people that if they would prepare to go to church god might let up the rain, and guess what! It stopped, but we still had a pretty bad attendance. Our Branch is not doing very good, but all is well.

Some really cool investigators came to church this week. They are from Honduras. No one else looks to promising though. We are trying really hard to get some baptismal dates with the people. 

Thanks for all you do, love you family, have a great week!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Conferencia General

Amado familia! I hope that your week was as great as mine was! We worked really hard this week  to have a ton of people to go to genral conference this week. At the end of the week, we  had a grand total of 20 people committed to go to at least one of the sessions this week. As we  passed by for each session, each person told us that they would go the next seesion, and the  next session, until hardly anyone went. Luckily a neighboring family decided to go, named  hermano santos and hermana anselma! what a blessing! And our awsome convert Francisco went  to three of the five session, which was great. We rented out three buses for every session, so it  was a really big deal down here. The church never spends money like that. 

Today we had a giant water balloon fight, which was fun and super hot. I bet i sweated a gallon of water. After we did the weekly tradition and went to eat at pizza johns. 

I really learned a lot in conference this week. I really enjoyed the talk given by Bednar about how even the apostles and the prohphet are extremely old, they have wisdom and need to be heard from. I hope that you all had an opportunity to hear from them this week. They were great. Thanks for all family, i love you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Una semana mas!

Well, this week was actually really great. As you may or may not have known, this week was changes! And i am staying with Elder Accordino for one more change! I am really excited about that, i love this area a lot, and we have a few really great investigators. 

Somethings that happened this week...

My comp got attacked by a dog as we were leaving an investigators house, but miracuosly he was shutting the gate to their yard at the same second the dog bit, so it got a face full of wood. What a miracle. This morning we saw a boy that was not so lucky that was provoking our neighbors dog and was attacked. This kid is not very kind, so he deserved it. 

We found a huge green crab in our bathroom. My comp was already paranoid of tarantulas, but when he went to the bathroom a crab went running around and scared him quite good. Not to mention a rat is living in our house, we came home and he ran around the room a few times, then up into the attic.

 Last night we were playing games at our dinner sita where you try to push the other person over trying to only use your hands, and when we left at eight thirty, we saw the lunar eclipse, which was totally unexpected. All of our neighbors have a weird ritual that you must make a ton of noise by banging things around the house to make the blood moon go away. They say if a pregnant woman is out during a lunar eclipse it will make the baby defected when born. Weird....

On Sunday all of our possibilities fell to go to church, but luckily a family went that we did not expect to go, which was a big miracle in our week.

Today Elder Shirlee is being tranferred to new area, so I wont eat lunch with him any more. He is the one in this photo sitting to my left at lunch.

Well, thats my week! Love you guys a ton!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

One Year Down

Well, completed a year this week. It was great. We made pancakes to celebrate and they were delicious. It has been really rainey this week, some good ones came through. 

 Francisco got the priesthood yesterday which was great, and was really happy about it. He is a shy dude, but is always really happy and wants to do whats right. Another great thing that happened was the church attendance. As you remember the rainstorm came last week so the attendance was only 32. But, every must have felt bad for not going last week and the attendance was 105 this week! What a jump. Anyways, Puerto has been growing really well, with an attendance of 780 this week in the whole town and the church has about 10 years here. That is progress! 

My comp found a tarantula crawling up his leg in our bathroom while taking a shower this week. It was super grande.

We baptised a nino this week named Becker this week. He was a jaron, or to say that he probably will not be the most reliable convert, but we put a goal for his family to reactivate 3 weeks ago and for him to be baptized, but turned out that only he went to church. We then bought him some new flip flops to congratulate him.

Right now a huge rain storm is flooding the streets outside. The power already turned off once here. 

This week we are going to try to invite lots of people to be baptized. Hope that we can find them! Thanks for all the support you have given me over the past year, love you guys!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Clima Loca

  Hey Family, thanks for all your emails, I hope that all of you are doing very well and that you are grateful for the cold weather that is coming in.

  This week was really great with Elder Accordino, we had a family baptized this week! they were all ready to be baptized and married this week, when bad news came in. Our lawyers were caught in Managua for the night because of plane problems. We though we would have to delay the marriage and baptism for the next week, but miraculously we found a lawyer at the last minute. They were able to marry and be baptized this Saturday. 

  Then disaster struck again the next morning! A huge storm came in that night and i have only seen it rain that hard one time before in Managua! There were rivers going everywhere and everything was flooded! We were soaked to the bone, but luckily I had a water proof bag, so my scriptures did not ruin. We passed by all of our investigators and members, but almost nobody went to church this week. We had an attendance of 32, which is an all time low. So sad. But... The two that were baptized and married c
ame to church and were confirmed. It was a miracle.    

  This week we also found some lovely neighbors living under our front porch. One night we came back to hear a bunch of snorting and grunting under the porch. We found that it was a huge old pig that had just given birth in the last few days with a bunch of piglets! they were super tiny.

Today we went to the beach again just to hang out for an hour. Today is independence day, so tonight will be crazy. Hope you enjoy these photos. They are of some of my best friends in the mission. My comp in  the pink elder Accordino from Saint George, Elder Shirlee the radish hair from Boise. And Elder Chen my District leader. We all eat lunch together everyday before working, it is great. 

Love you guys, stay safe!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tons of Baptisms!

This week has been really good, the zone broke a record for baptisms this week. This month Püerto Cabezas has baptized 64 people which broke the old record of 52 in one month that was set last year! I am going to send a picture of the bunch that was baptized this week. My comp and i were able to baptize one of the little kids named Junior this week. It is pretty crazy that we baptize so many here in Puerto. Most missions have the problem that they dont baptize when we baptize every month for sure. I feel like sometimes missionaries just baptize people to get the number like a grade, or baptize only because they are pressured to and have to find someone. It just reminds me that every mission has a different way to do the work. 

     We also found some other cool families here! Due to the Marava church, German influence is heavy withing this area. We have to families both with the last name Hitler! They are both looking really positive, because they both want to be baptized. We will see how that goes this week.

 President Nelson came to Managua and we got to skype to see his broadcast. It was really blurry and hard to hear, but also really cool to see the presdient of the twelve. Than we ordered pancakes from the nearby hotel to eat. Then last night he did a meeting in managua last night, and he taqlked a lot about medical stuff and related it to the gospel. It was really cool how simple he tought, but with how much meaning he had behind his words.

Well, thats all for this week, love you guys a ton, and hope that all is great at home!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hey Family!

Hola Familia! Sorry I could not send you a very long email last week, the internet went out in all of Puerto last week and we could not email very long when it came back on. 

 This week was really good. My new companion is from Saint George Utah named Elder Accordino. He is a total country boy and loves anything that has to do with trucks, planes, engines and all that kind of stuff. We did not baptize this week, which was a little disappointing, but we have one set for next week! A boy named Junior whos parents are menos activo wants to be baptized! Also good news is that Puerto Might break the record for the zone with the most baptisms this month! The old record was set last year at 52 baptisms for one zone, but this month Puerto might get 60! Que alegre!

I miss you all so much. It has felt like forever since I have seen you all. There are so many things I miss back home, but I can’t complain, Puerto really is the best. Here on the mission there are sure a lot of ups and downs. Especially when you are not having a lot of success in your area, but everyone else is. That is really hard. 

We are teaching a family that lives right by our house with the man named Kiko. He is a very nice guy who is looking to change is his around. He even went to church this week which was awesome! 

It’s still in the rainy season here, so rain showers pass be quite frequently. The mosquitos are getting really bad, but luckily we have mosquito nets, so I don’t have to worry about getting Chikanguya or Malaria quite as much. Malaria is starting to break out here I have heard, but the mosquitos really only get you in the night if you don’t have a mosquito net.

Today we played frisbee as a zone which was cool. A sister had her birthday today so some other missionaries threw eggs at her which is Central America tradition. I get burned so fast here, because the sun is so powerful here that after one hour I was turning a little pink. Afterward we went and ate some pizza at a small local joint named Pizza Johns. 

Elder Nelson is coming this week! All of Nicaragua except for Puerto gets to go see him! But that’s ok, I would really totally be here in Puerto than be in any other zone! This week we had a bonfire to welcome the three news that came into the zone, which is always good. My friend Elder Pilling from New Zealand was transferred out so that was a bummer. Due to its length from the other side of Nicaragua, only a few people are changed each six weeks, so we are all really good friends here in Puerto. It is a lot different than any other zone.

Well, that’s all i can think to say, I love you all so much and hope that you guys are good. Love you!