Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Second Week in Mexico

Hey Mom and Dad, 
                 Mexico is still really great, but I would not really say this is Mexico, we are kind of trapped inside a little LDS bubble here. I am hopping that you are all doing well up there and wish you the best. I am sorry if I don't tell all that I can, or if my words seem a bit jumbled, we only have so much time each week to type.

               Davis having a steer sounds really interesting, I hope he takes good care of it. He sent me an email and said that he has been having a good time at home, and at lagoon. I think it will be great for him to take care of a steer and feel what it is like to be a rancher! I cant complain how messy or inconsiderate my brothers ever were now, not only because I miss them so much, but also because they really were not that bad compared to a some missionaries. Don't get me wrong, most missionaries are great and know there purpose as a missionary, bet there are still a few that don't know why they are out here. Crazy how Ike cut his hair, I think it is so funny that he all of a sudden decides to cut it when he gets annoyed with it. 
                       I am so glad that the regents scholarship came back! That is so great. Thank you for all you guys help in my college stuff, because without you, I would not have done half of the stuff that I needed to. I was really afraid that it would not come, and am so relieved it did!
                               I want to thank you guys so much for preparing me to come out here. You have set such a great example to me, and it helps remind me each day why I am out here. I
want to be an example to others as you were to me. T here are so many things I would have forgotten if you did not help me. Mom, thank you so much for the shower sandals! I know I would not have brought those if they were up to me. The MTC is spotless, but the showers get really gross when four people are using it. All my bathroom stuff and towel are so handy when they are already hanging in the bathroom. My shoes and socks are perfect, those are the best socks in the world, because they will not stink no matter how long I wear them, but don't worry, I change them regularly. Dad, I want to thank you for the tie clip you gave me at the air port. It has already come to mean a lot to me, and I wear it constantly. 

               Like at home, it has also been very rainy here as well. Last night a major rainstorm came through. It flooded most of the streets. It only lasted a few minutes though.  

               I hope I can send you some pictures, but the computers do not have camera card readers here, but I might be able to use my companions. 
                     Tell Grandma and Grandpa that I love them very much and hope that grandpa is getting better. I am really miss seeing them. I will keep grandpa in my prayers. Please keep me updated on how he is doing. 

                My week was the pretty much the same as the one before. Nothing to excited happened. Elder Bradford came and it was so great to see him. We don't get to talk much, because we are always busy studying and in classes. I dislike how much studying how much we study here. I feel like half the time I am to tired to remember anything anyways. Most days, we have a combined time of eight hours of studying Spanish and occasionally about the gospel. My Spanish is slowly but surely progressing. I can know hold somewhat of a conversation with the natives. For one of our activities in class, we went to the comador or lunch room to talk to natives. It was very fun to speak with them. Another highlight of the week was going to do service for the laundromat guys at the MTC. We folded laundry for an hour and a half. It was
really relaxing to do something like that for a few hours instead of studying. 

               My companion is pretty nice, but he does get short with me sometimes. He is so mellow that it is hard to talk to him sometimes. He does not like to talk about himself very much, and we have almost nothing in common. He is one of those kind of people who likes to study more than talk with others. I am so blessed though to have two awesome roommates called Elder Morris and Elder Earl, they are so kind and so fun.

                Our district which is 7C is the greatest! We almost always get along with each other. We have all grown really close to each other. It was really funny how some of the people I didn't like at the beginning became some of my best friends in the MTC. 

              There is so much more I want to right, but I am almost out of time. I want to let you know that I love you so much! Being out here really opens your eyes on how important having a family
with you is. Being here has already showed me how important you are in my life. Tell Ike that I love him and miss him. I hope that he is doing well. Ike if you are reading this, I want to tell you that my mission is really great, but I still sometimes wish that I was there with you at home. I cant remember where you e mail went, so please give me your address if you like.

               I love you guys so much. I know that what I am  doing out here will help me become a better brother and son for you. I know that my work here is going to help the lives of the people in Nicaragua as well. Don't worry about me, I am babied here. We have almost all the comforts of home and they feed us like pigs. I miss you all very much and hope you have the best.

           Your Brother and Son Sam Clark.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Greetings from Mexico

Dear Family

      I am so glad to hear from you, and your experiences over the last week. Davis, I am so proud of your grades, and hope that your leg gets better. Thank you so much for getting Paco out and taking care of him. Mexico City is very Crazy. I could not believe how insane the traffic was between the airport and the MTC.

          The roads were so packed that it would probably cause a traffic jam in the U.S, but not here in Mexico, cars just keep going at the same speed, twisting in and out of lanes. I was very surprised not  to see a wreck on the way to the MTC. The MTC is like a jewel in Mexico City. The whole city seems to be so disorganized, but the MTC, or CCM as we call it, is unbelievably well cared for. Gardners are constantly mowing the lawns, trimming, cleaning the streets that no cars go on, and cleaning our casas (houses) that we live in. The care that goes into caring for this place rivals that of the temples. Unless it is the missionaries dorms, everything is spotless.

           The MTC is very large. I am not sure of the exact amount of acerage, but i have heard that it is three times larger than Provo, with about a third as many people. We have around 900 missionaries in the MTC, and less and less are coming compared to that of leaving. Just six weeks ago, there was around 1300 missionaries here It is filled with a lot of trees, casas, and long rectangular buildings that are used as class rooms. The weather is very nice here, almost the same as at home, except the nights don't get as cold.

          All of the other missionaries are so kind and supportive. I am in a district called 7C, and is filled with amazing missionaries. There are all from around the U.S such as Oregon, Arizona, Georgia, New York, and Wisconsin. Six of the missionaries, including me, are going  to Nicaragua North. The rest are going to El Salvador, Utah, New Jersey, and New Mexico. They are all really fun, we play a game where we secretly slip a spoon into each others pockets, and if you find a spoon in your pocket, you have to give it to someone else without them knowing. My companions name is Elder Ferrin, the same one who was on my itinerary. He is very smart and kind. He reminds me a lot of a slightly taller, blond, and bulkier brother Braithwaite from our ward. I am so glad to have him as a companion, because he already knows so much spanish, and is very easy to get along with.

         My Spanish is going slow, but I already feel like I am learning a lot. My proffesora hermana Nava teaches us mostly gospel words, and not many ones we would use in regular life, but I am sure I will Pick them up eventually. My district is teaching a man by the name of Hermano Edgar. 

My teacher told me that he would be an investigator that wants to hear the gospel, but he is actually another teacher from the school in disguise. My Branch President President Ruiz is from Mexico, and is such a great person.  Even though they their english is not perfect, they are so knind and thoughtful when they speak.

        The first few days were hard, not because of what we had to do, but because of missing you guys. So far, I think the hardest part of being a missionary is not the actual studying and work you have to do, but is missing your family, and knowing that you have an alternative life that is possible for you when life as a missionary gets hard. The CCM is now much better, I cannot believe that I am saying this, but Sunday was definitely  the best day of the week. It was so nice to go to sacrament meeting instead of studying.

      Don't worry about me, the food here is actually decent, and they feed us a lot of food. I will not be starving in the near future. I cannot find a missionary going to Landon Bickley's mission though, or  any missionary going to Mexico. I Think they all go to Provo. I will still ask around though and try to find one.

        I miss you guys a lot and love you so much. I wish I could write more, but this will have to do. I hope you are doing your best, i cannot describe how much I love you guys.

             Love Elder Sam Clark