Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Viejita bautisma

Well, I learned a very important lesson this week in missionary work and in life.  Always fill the baptism font as full as possible. Since the other elders left the area, they left an investigator who we have been
teaching for a while. This lady is named Maria and is 83 years old, but she wanted to be baptised! I was a little scared that her baptism would be problematic due to age, and it turned out to be a super comical seen.

First off, the baptismal font was not completely full, but almost full. The priest from the ward tried to baptise her, but she was scared to fall backward into the water. So then we brought a chair for her to sit
in to tip the chair backwards to baptise her, but her feet rose up and we could not do it. So then we brought a smaller chair (like from the primary) and we could still not do it. Luckily my district leader told
me to always bring spare white pants to the baptisms in case of something like this. So I had to go in and help the priest baptise the old lady.

We ended up having her float on her back, and then we both submerged her! It was definitely comical, but she was baptised! Then luckily she went the next day for her confirmation. I will attach a photo of her and the priest that baptised her. 

 That’s my story for the week, always fill the pool to the max, because it is deceiving to tell how deep it is otherwise! No other funny stories this week. This P day was really relaxed, just shopping for food and
got haircuts. 

Thanks for all the support you give me. Love you all so much, and have a great week!

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