Monday, March 16, 2015

Dog attack from Nicaragua!

Hey family and friends, doing good here in Nicaragua, the time is sure going by fast, but at times not fast enough. This week we had a bit of success and a lot of really cool stuff happened. 
First off, when I was on divisions with our zone leader, a really tall Polynesian named Elder Harris, we were walking in my area on a the way to an appointment, when we passed a dog wandering the streets with a muzzle around his mouth. After we passed by the dog, it turned around and followed us without us knowing. Then, it crept up and tried to bite me on my heel, but couldn’t becaus

e it had a muzzle, so it was more like trying to nibble me.  Anyway, I was pretty shocked and was going to kick the dog, when a woman yelled at us not to worry and that the dog was not going to hurt us, all the time trying to bite us.  

A great thing about this week was that we had a bunch of investigators in church due to the help of a lot of returned missionaries in our ward. It was really nice to have some success, and we have some really promising investigators.

Today we played capture the flag with water balloons at the church grounds which was really fun. After wards we went to eat Mexican food which was super good.

Some things about Nicaragua...... Lots of dogs wandering around, people ask for money everywhere, and people are super friendly. They listen to a guy named Romeo Santos all of the time! His songs are very popular and are actually pretty good. 

That’s all for this week, thanks for all you guys do for me, love you all a ton! Have a great week!

Here are some pictures of my comp and I, I am a little burned from today, and also a pic of a street we walk across at least four times a day! 

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