Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cambios en Ciudad Jardin

Hey family, thanks for the emails! Reading them is the best part of my week! I miss you all so much. Davis, you look good with braces. I know they hurt at first, but after a short time they will get better. Ike, drive safely in the new car of yours, I hope you will enjoy it a lot.

 I recieved a new companion this week named Elder Paz, I am really sad to leave elder Estrada, but it is good to have a change, but also really stressful. I am still going to be here in Ciudad Jardin. We had a baptism this week which was really cool,and then after had a little dinner. The picture included is that dinner. 

It is still really hot here in Nicaragua! I am sweating extra more than usual. The sun is so hot, i cant wait for the rainy season to start so we can have a break for this heat! I am also so excited for mothers day to skype you all. Only one more month until that.

Thats all new here in Ciudad Jardin. Hope you all have a great week and be happy!

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