Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lagoon Tiscapa

This week was really cool. We went to a lagoon to pick up trash with the national guard or something from nicaragua, and a bunch of other single adult mormons. We were called manos mormones que ayudan, or mormon helping hands!. We even made the news! The lagoon of tiscapa is very beautiful, but like almost all bodies of water in Nicaragua,it is highly poluted with trash everywhere. Nicaragua dosnt really have laws about trash or anything, so trash is evrywhere, really sad. The lagoon is being cleaned every few months, but there is just so much trash it is overwhelming.

We had a fast this week, which was really hard. My companion and i were so dehydrated that when we finished the fast we each drank so much cakow we were sick! Cackow is a drink a little like chocolate milk, but is a little diferent but super good! Fasting is so hard here, but it was well worth it, our number one  investigator came to church so that was good.

 The evans family, Lego land looks awesome! I hope that you all had a good time there. Almost summer vacation up there, i am so jelous! Here they have vacations from november until january, so the nicas are not quite as lucky as you guys are this time of year.

Thats all from nicaragua, each week goes by faster and faster! Love you all so much have a good week!

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