Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Puerto Madness

     Puerto was super crazy this week! First off, we will start with the most! On Friday, we got a call from some hermanas that work near our area, and they told us that their investigators were possessed by demons. So we went to their house, and the investigators were inside, sitting down, and covered with some green type of goo over their body.  One was unconscious, and the other was fine. Evidently before we got there they had some kind of freak out, like a seizure or something.  We gave them a blessing and left them there. Hope something changes with them. 
      This week we had a lot of people in church which was so great! Hopefully we will see some baptisms in the near future. 

      Today we went to the beach to play soccer. We got there and were looking for the other companionships, when the pathway just ended, nine feet above the ground and into a river. We decided to jump over the river, which hurt like a dang when I hit the ground and slammed my tailbone into the sand. Don’t worry I am fine and have no injuries from it. Later we looked around for some sea shells and what not.

      I took a ton of photos this week! Unfortunately, the usb port is broken, so i will try to send them using my companions’ camera using wifi.

      Thanks for all you guys do for me, hope that you have a great week and Father’s Day!  Love you guys!

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