Monday, July 13, 2015

Pics from Puerto and Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day! I hope that you all had a great Father’s Day weekend and summer is great up there!  It’s been somewhat cooler here now that the rainy season is here.  It rains about once a day for about 30 minutes, then leaves.  It rained this morning for a while, but passed really quickly.
The pictures I am going to send from are from this and last week went we went to the beach.  Some other photos are from around our area, and what not.  

I love Puerto so much! This was probably the best week of my mission, so many fun things happened, and we have had lots of success. We baptized a few people on Saturday, and they were confirmed on Sunday which was great, and have had lots of investigators assisting church.

One thing very unique thing about Puerto is that we assist church twice every Sunday! The first one is my ward called Loma Verde, and the second is supposed to be few only Mesquito Speakers, but  everyone else goes anyway. The bus to bring the people to the Mesquito ward is always so
packed, so the missionaries get to sit on top of the bus! It was crazy.  We have to duck as electrical lines and tree branches go over the top of us, so that was really exciting. I got some pics i will send! 

This week as we were walking, some people were selling Yuka, a food kind of like potatoes on a table in front of their house. A cow walked by and thought that Yuka would taste good, so it robbed the table and walked down eating their goods. After being bombarded by mangos from angry kids, it let go of the Yuka, and the kids put it back on table for sale! It was so funny, you got to be careful what you buy around here. 

Coca cola is also very popular here. Everyone drinks it all of the time! That is usually because water from the wells is not safe to drink untreated, so soda is very popular. 

We took a taxi ride on the beach this week, and one of the other clients lived on the beach, but that did not stop the driver, he drove right down the beach with the waves hitting the car along the way, he said that his car was aquatic, but could only go in so far....

That’s all for this stellar week! Hope all is great back in Utah, Love you all so much! 

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