Monday, July 13, 2015

Cambios Por Puerto!

 Hey familia! It sounds like you have all been doing really well this week. As always thanks a ton for all the awesome letters that you all have sent me. This week was the last week of the changes......   Luckily! I am not going anywhere anytime soon! I am almost our whole zone, including Monson and I, are staying in our same areas! I am so grateful, because Monson is definitely one of my most favorite companions in the mission.

             The rain is sure crazy here. You will all of a sudden hear a wind like sound, which is the sound of rain poring off nearby roofs. After that, you have about ten seconds to get under the nearest house or you will get soaked! The rain is so heavy here, after a minute you will be drenched to the bone. The power here is also very unpredictable. A few nights ago, we had divisions with the zone leaders. The power was out for most of the night, so i was roasting without my fan! Even the the rain cools things off for a few minutes, once it leaves the heat comes right back in. It has been more stable though for the rest of the week.

           Funny story this week about the drunks here: The other day we went to bring one of our investigators to go the church. As we waited for her to return to the house after running an errand, we were talking with a total drunk. He told us in the little English he knew that he loves us, we said thanks, and he said anytime! Afterward my comp Monson asked for the mans Guaro (Alcohol) and the bolo (drunk) gave it to him. He started to pour the drink on the ground, and the drunk was startled! As the last of the alcohol was falling, the guy reached out and unsuccessfully tried to catch it in his fingers. He then curled up in a ball on the ground and began to sob just like a four year old! It was so funny and sad at the same time. With tears in his eyes he asked us why we ruined his drink. People are too hammered here with alcohol.

        I hope you enjoy the photos I am sending; one is of an ugly demon looking frog that I found where we eat lunch, and also a night photo of ships and the ocean. Another is a photo of a bonfire we made for the fourth of July! It consisted of a month and a half worth of trash we gathered since I started here in Puerto! Thanks for everything have another great week! Love you guys!

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