Thursday, October 22, 2015

Venido de Presidente

As you can see from my email heading, the mission president came this week to talk with all of the missionaries. it was really great to be able to speak with him, he gave me some great council to use in my work.President Collado is from Costa Rica and i think is about forty years old. He was very interested in what i had to ask him instead of an interrogation as some interviews are. He really tried to help me in all my problems that i have in the work, and is very sincere. I learned a ton.

We also got some medicine and some permeation for all those critters lurking in our house. Such as Tarantulas, Cockroaches, Rats, and above all mosquitoes. 

This week some really heavy rain came in. We had a bit of a dry spell, but this week it pored. Most of the houses here are supported on stilts, some sitting as high as 6 feet off the ground. We lived by a house that was really big, and really high. The stilts did not sit straight and we knew that it was not going to last very long. This week at 2 in the morning one of tghe days the house fell in a rain storm. Luckily the house and people were not damaged in anyway, but now they have to scrap everything. Really taught me you have to have a good foundation if you want your house to last.

This week we had some unexpected people in the church which was great. A big rain storm came in the morning, so we went out in the rain a little bit. We promised the people that if they would prepare to go to church god might let up the rain, and guess what! It stopped, but we still had a pretty bad attendance. Our Branch is not doing very good, but all is well.

Some really cool investigators came to church this week. They are from Honduras. No one else looks to promising though. We are trying really hard to get some baptismal dates with the people. 

Thanks for all you do, love you family, have a great week!

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