Friday, October 9, 2015

Conferencia General

Amado familia! I hope that your week was as great as mine was! We worked really hard this week  to have a ton of people to go to genral conference this week. At the end of the week, we  had a grand total of 20 people committed to go to at least one of the sessions this week. As we  passed by for each session, each person told us that they would go the next seesion, and the  next session, until hardly anyone went. Luckily a neighboring family decided to go, named  hermano santos and hermana anselma! what a blessing! And our awsome convert Francisco went  to three of the five session, which was great. We rented out three buses for every session, so it  was a really big deal down here. The church never spends money like that. 

Today we had a giant water balloon fight, which was fun and super hot. I bet i sweated a gallon of water. After we did the weekly tradition and went to eat at pizza johns. 

I really learned a lot in conference this week. I really enjoyed the talk given by Bednar about how even the apostles and the prohphet are extremely old, they have wisdom and need to be heard from. I hope that you all had an opportunity to hear from them this week. They were great. Thanks for all family, i love you!

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