Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mis Homies!

Naksa pamili! 

   Thanks for all your great emails and photos! There is a word in the mission called trunky, which means homesick, and these photos sure make me feel trunky, but in a good way. Its funny how things change. Of course I always miss you guys, but the homesick is always the worst at the beginning of the mission. Its not that I miss you guys any less now, its just that I know I don't have as long to wait till I come home. Today I complete 75 Percent done!

This week was great. We had a great investigator that was all ready for baptism, reading the book of Mormon, going to church, and in the last day.... She talked with her family and they convinced her not to get baptized, because she already has her religion. That's the biggest challenge we have here as missionaries. Everyone professes to have their own religion here, but no one really keeps the commandments. 

We did find a really great family though. They went to church on Sunday with us, and now the father is going to the sea for ten days. They are planning on getting married and baptized when the comes back. He wanted to get baptized last week, but he had to go to church first. We have been fighting to baptize these past weeks, but have not had any success. I believe this week for sure we will have one.

This is a photo of some of my favorite peeps in Nicaragua. There is the District President in the suit, The big guy is the branch President. The dude with white hair is my convert Francisco. He is super cool! Everyone except the district president and one other are recent converts. The work is sure accelerating here in Puerto. 

Today we watched a show called Freetown. Its a story about missionaries in Africa. It was great. What's crazy is my friend Warner Ashby just went through there on his mission last week. Cool stuff.

Thanks for everything family! Love you guys so much, stay strong in keeping the commandments, they will bless your life. Love you all!

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