Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wedding Crashers

Feliz Semana Santa! Here they celebrate the Holy week, (Semana Santa) Instead of Easter. This includes lots of partying on the beach, and lots of drinking Joyita! So far there has not been any incidents that I have heard of, just a guy who was really drunk in the street. We were walking home after church last night, and the dude fell down in the gutter on the side of the road. We did not know what we could have done for him, so we helped him hobble to the sidewalk and he stumbled down the street.

         This week we did have a few miracles pass. We have had a hard time baptizing over the last few weeks, but miraculously we married and baptized two families this week! And both of them lived right next to the beach. One of the families was being taught by Elder Monson and his old comp before I got to Puerto. And over the 10 months that I have been here they slowly progressed to be baptized this week! We told them the day earlier that we would call the lawyer at 5 the next day. When we called the couple the next day, they said that they wont have time until 7. So we called they lawyer to come to the church, and went to pick up the couple. The culture here is really relaxed, so when we got to the house to pick them up, they got ready in about 5 minutes and we headed to the church. It was a great wedding and baptism. The president came with his wife to be witnesses for the wedding. 

Nothing else new has happened. Today we played capture the flag at the church, and then later we went to eat hot wings at a place here. Its gotten really hot lately. March and April are always the hottest months here. The dust covers all the trees near the roads. 

Thanks for all the messages. Its so great to see your faces. Love you guys!

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