Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Un Cambio Mas!

Well, changes happened today and it turns out we are both staying here in the Posada! I'm so excited. We did not start out with many investigators, so we did not have much success last change. This change is going to be different though. We have some really great people that I believe will be baptized this month.

   Skyping yesterday was so great. Cant believe it was already my last skyping in the mission. You guys all look about the same. Not to much has changed. Maybe in person you guys will look a little different.

  Not really much happened this week from out of the normal. Our friend Elder Pilling is leaving to Chinendega Oeste, so that's a bummer. 
   Yesterday we went to the councilor to the stake presidents house to Skype. They have two really funny kids named Walter and Lehi. Ya, they're pretty Mormon. lol After we made hamburgers that were great a some jello to eat afterward. They were nica hamburgers. Sometimes they use slices of steak meat instead of ground beef.

That's all i got.


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