Wednesday, May 25, 2016


    Saludos Familia! Thanks for all the great emails as always, that's always the best part of the week. Sounds like everyone is having their own adventures. Hope that you are enjoying the warmth after the cold winter. 

   This week we went to Chinendega for a multi zone conference with president Collado. It was so great, i feel like we learned a lot on how to be better missionaries. He also talked about his departure that's coming in a few months. I'm going to be really sad to see the Collado family leave. He has been a great president from the start. Luckily I had him for almost all of the mission. 

   Elder Sirrine and I have worked really hard this week to find some new families to teach. Those that we had are not really progressing to well. We have had a really hard time baptizing, but this week i think we will have one. We are hopefully going to have a marriage and baptism if all goes well.

  Today we went and played a game of soccer on some AstroTurf courts. That's right, AstroTurf in Nicaragua! It was by far the best fields i have seen here. We did a soccer game between the missionaries. We had the companionship with an Elder From the University of Utah soccer team, so we won. We sweated so bad, my shirt was soaked. It was pretty gross, but really nice afterward to take a shower.

  We did divisions again in Poneloya, when its not tourist season  there, its kind of a ghost town. We walk all day and only pass a handful of people on the roads. Anyway it was beautiful. In the morning we ran on the beach for exercise. We also ate lunch at the house of some recent converts. We got some pork chops that still had the skin and hair on it, so I did not have to much of an appetite. That's kind of a delicacy for these people here. 

Well, the time left in the mission is passing really to fast. I thought that when i started my mission I would never finish, and I could not wait to finish. Now that has turned to be the quite opposite really. I feel really nervous to end and go back to the normal world. I have grown to love these people so much, its going to be really sad to leave them.

  Thanks for all you guys do, love you all a ton!

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