Monday, June 13, 2016


      Hey Family, thanks all a ton for the photos, they make me really happy to see that you guys look pretty much the same. Hope the fair went well for bubba d, and he sold his vaca (cow) for a good price. Lake Powell must have been really fun. I heard from Sirrines family that it is really hot down in Arizona as well. It hit 118 where he lives, and in June as well.
   This week we have had a lot of rain. Its for sure winter now, most nights the thunder storms come in. We did divisiones again in Poneloya this week. The bus ride is so beautiful, so much greenery and semi tropical plants. Its not rainforest. but there is for sure no absence of plant life. Poneloya was great, they baptised a family this week, so that was exciting. And when we retired to go to bed something amazing happened. An Earthquake happened! The house shook a little bit, and you could hear the tin roof shaking on top of the walls, but luckily it was only a 6.1 magnitude, so very week. It was a little unnerving though, because they live about 100 feet from the ocean, and i didn't want to be hit by a tsunami. Luckily no tsunami came either.

   We have been having a really hard time baptising, we have only baptised one person in my time in Leon, which is really bad. But, I think we found a wonderful family that will get baptised in these coming weeks. Its the same family I told you guys about when all the lightning storms were happening. The kids went to church this time and loved it.  We are going to do a family home evening with them on Wednesday I believe. Yesterday they invited us to fish, which is a rel treat for these people. The custom here is to eat fish that have been gutted and scaled, then fried in the pan, so you have a nice fish head and fish skeleton when finished. It was delicious.

  Today we returned to the cathedral, but this time we went above on the roof, from the top you can see many surrounding volcanoes on the flat landscape. I is all white and very beautiful. I hope you like the photos. You can see more on google. It is the largest Cathedral in Central America!. Then we ate some smoothies afterward.

 Well, I love you guys so much. Cant wait to see you soon. Changes are next week, I really hope I don't go, I love it here and really want to see them get baptised. I've only baptised two families out of puerto, and one is already inactive. This family is going to be the best. Love you guys, see you in a few months! 

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