Monday, June 6, 2016

Winter is definitly here

      Hey familia, thanks for the emails this week. Sounds like the weather you guys have been having is about the same as here. We have had some really big rainstorms. This Sunday we got pretty wet in the morning trying to invite people to church. I'm so glad I got my hush puppy boots, because I would have been soaked without them. 

      We contacted a guy at the beginning of this week, and he said we could go visit him on Friday night. The rain was really coming down, and it's culture here that the rain will make you sick if you get wet. He was surprised to see as at the door, he told us he couldn't believe that we arrived. We taught a really spiritual lesson, continually interrupted by super loud thunder that shook the house. At the end we invited them to be baptised, and they said that they wanted to visit church before they made that decision. It turned out that the son had to work, but the mom came to church with some members that own a car. It was so cool, because the members that picked her up worked with her at a school as teachers! She was so excited in church.

     Even with the weather, five of our investigators still made it to church, which is still really good I believe. The attendance plummeted though, only sixty people in a ward that should be getting over a hundred each week. Shows who's faithful right?. 

  Today was the best, we had an activity at the stake center which lies right in the middle of the market. We did a bunch of goofy games like drinking coke the fastest, or eating bananas the fastest. Then we ate some really huge burgers. Huge as in bread that is. Burgers and hotdogs here are famous for being all bread with a little meat. That's probably why there so cheap. 

 I also did divisions with my Zone Leader. Hes named Elder Robinson from Some place in southern Utah. It was really fun working in his area. The second pic is him and I.

Well, I sure love you guys a lot. This time away has sure helped me to see how great you really are. Some of these families don't get along too well, I love how the church helps families love one another. I can see such a difference in the families of the church than those who do not have christian lives. Thank you so much for your examples to me. 

My comp received his itinerary, cant believe that us two are almost there. Elder Sirrine only has 8 weeks left, then I go one change later. See you in a little while, Love you!


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