Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hasta Muy Pronto

This is Sam's final letter. What a journey it has been! We are so grateful for everyone who has supported Sam. We appreciate everyone who kept him in their prayers. I know there were letters of encouragement written that got him through difficult times. There were letters written to Val and I that kept us from flying to Nicaragua and bringing him home. We appreciate all your love and support.  

Sam's service has blessed our family in many ways. It has strengthened our ability to trust our Father in Heaven and Savior. His example of obedience and service makes us want to be better and try harder. It is humbling to witness the selflessness of the missionaries that are out sharing the plan of happiness.

Sam will be giving his homecoming report on Sept 25th at 1:30.  We would  love for you to join us for lunch at our house after.

Love you all,

Val and Sheri

Well, I know this is definitely going to be the longest week of the mission. Really feels like a dream it is finishing so fast. I remember in Tipitapa I felt like it was never going to end, buts its finally here! This week was one of the best weeks so far I would have to say!

 First off, on Sunday morning some really big tank looking things were imported, and transported to another location. They were so big, they took up the whole road! We got some really bad traffic and arrived to the Zone meeting about an hour late. Oops. The zone meeting was great, i really like our zone leaders.

   Then later this week, we did divisions with our zone leaders and i went to Chinandega to be with Elder Castro from Panama. It was really fun and he taught me a lot on how to be a better missionary and invite everyone to be baptized.

  The best part however was the baptism this week! We have been teaching the mother of a less active for almost six weeks now named Sara, and she got baptised on Saturday! Just her family showed up to the baptism, but it was so great and spiritual, i really think that they enjoyed it. I cant wait for you guys to meet Sara in the week that comes. She owns a litter dinner on the side of the road and also teaches special ed students how to paint nails! Oh, and her house also doubles as a beauty salon. She is super Pilus (Awesome) She loves to read, she even asked for a gospel principles book after church yesterday.

 A Really sudden storm came into Corinto Yesterday, so fast within ten minutes a blue sky turned into a really big rain strom. Luckily the owner of our house just changed our roof, so we did not get to wet like before!

 I feel so lucky to have been able to finish my mission here in Corinto, I know that this is a very special place, and I do love the people that i have taught here. Thank you all so much for your support and your emails. This experience has blessed my life more than i ever imagined it would. I miss all of you so much and cant wait to see you in the coming week. See you Soon! LES AMO!  


  1. Why were you advised not to pick up your son? My daughter is making this decision now?


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