Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Semana Milagrosa!

Oi Familia! Hows all going back in Utah! Crazy its freezing at night. Here a really cold spell came in with the ran and I had to lower my fan from level three to level two at night. It probably got down to eighty degrees at night! 

 This week was something else, packed with lots of meetings and baptism! First off, we had  news meeting for Elder Hendrix in Managua, so I got to see a bunch of my buddies for the last time before I head home. President Poncio and Mrs Poncio did great jobs delivering their messages. I learned a lot about how to be a better trainer. Then on Friday we had another multi Zone meeting with president again. We practiced teaching in groups and things we can do to be better missionaries. The mission has been really struggling in baptizing lately, but I feel like we are doing well as a companionship. 
 On Thursday I worked with Elder Ferrin my old MTC Comp in his area, it was great, we taught a really cool family of theirs, and had a great time.

     This was probably the second most stressful incident in the mission after the incident with the wedding in Leòn. First off we had this investigator who is super awesome, always goes to church and even stays for the classes. We put the baptismal date for the 26 which was on a Friday, because she didn't want to many people to be in the church to see the baptism. Then we found out we had the meeting on Friday, so we moved it to Saturday. Then Friday after the meeting we did divisions, I went to Realejo to do some interviews for some people who were also preparing to be baptized. Then that night a big rain storm came and did damage to the chapels electric system, so the pump for the baptismal font was not working, so we did not have water to do the baptism on Saturday. Luckily the power was restored that night and we filled up the font so she could get baptized the following morning right before sacrament meeting. So Sunday morning we called her and her son to tell them that all was ready for the baptism. 

   The day before the chapel was under maintenance, and they were doing work to the doors. That morning when we went to get the baptismal clothes from a little closet that only the missionaries have keys to, none of our keys worked! They had accidentally switched the door knobs with the primary. So we called the president of the primary to come running with her keys so we could still do the baptism. We started the baptismal service at 8:30 and finished right at nine, minutes before their confirmation in Sacrament meeting. It was a miracle that all worked out, they were so happy to be baptized, it was awesome. Cant wait for you guys to meet them when you come.

Today we just went to the bridge to the island of Corinto and walked across the man bridge. Hope you like the photo, the bay is really beautiful. Then we went and chilled out a little bit with our lunch appointment. It was a really good day. Now we are in the cyber just writing in the AC, really nice. 
Thanks for everything, See you Soon, Les Amo!


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