Monday, November 10, 2014

Tipi Tapa Week Two


Hey family, thanks for sending me the gift and thinking about me. Nothing has arrived yet, but I am sure it will just take time for the package to arrive here. I am receiving your emails though! I love to read them so much. If you are going to send something, make sure it is addressed to the mission office primarily, or they might have trouble picking it up. 

      We had a baptism this week with a twelve year old named Anthony. It was really exciting. I also recieved a new companion this week named elder Jacobsen from San Diego. I am really excited to have him here, he is very kind.

     I dont have much time here to write, they made a rule here where you can only write for fourty five minutes, which also includes mandatory e mail to the president.

   Please keep sending me emails, I love to read them.  Dont worry, I am getting enough food here.

   Love you all a ton.

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