Monday, November 3, 2014


 Hey familia, Made it to Nicaragua. It is so crazy here, i had culture shock really bad. All the people here are really nice and so poor. They don't have a trash system, so we just throw the trash on the road and the rain takes it away. My companion is Elder Ochoa from
Guatemala. He is on his last transfer and is a zone leader. He is really
nice, but a little messy. 

 It has been really hard here, because since Elder Ochoa is a zone leader, he has to go to meetings all the time. On our second day here, he had to leave to Managua with another Elder from my house, and I was left alone with another brand new missionary. We mostly studied all day and tried contacting for an hour, but everyone's Spanish here is very slurry it is hard to understand them. The worst part was that when we got really thirsty, we tried to get water from
the sink, but the water there only ran in the evenings! I have never been so thirsty in my life!

 The heat has been really hard to get use to, but I think I am adjusting. I sweat all Day, especially in members homes because a lot of them don't have fans running.    It is so Dirty here, no one washes their hands, and when you say hi to someone you always shake their hands! It took some getting use to, but I can put up with it better now.

 The members here are so kind, they are willing to give us food, even though they have practicly nothing. Last night, when the new missionary, (Elder Fairborn), and I were teaching lessons, a family gave us a piece of pizza and coca cola! Pizza has never tasted better. The food here is mostly hot dog buns, rice, beans and chicken. I thought I would be eting more fruits, but all I have had is tomatoes and grapes at the presidents house. I am a little scarred about how much food I am going to get, we usually get two meals a day, but I am still hungry. I have already lost six pounds here, but it might have jsut beene that the machine was off.

  I wish I could say more, but we only have 45 minutes to write, 15 minutes less than the MTC.   I love you all so much and hope you are all doing well. Please keep writing me letters, I love to read them. Love you all so much.

 Elder Clark

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