Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hey family, thanks for the emails, I hope that you are all having a wonderful Valentines week! They kind of celebrate it here as well. Today we went to my favorite store American Donuts and there were little hearts on my donut! Feels like Valentine’s Day! But seriously I love you guys so much and hope that you all have a great Valentine’s Day. 

We had stake conference this week which was great, but we had to wake up super early to try to get investigators to church, so I was dozing off during the whole thing. All I remember is that someone from the seventy came and talked very enthusiastically about tithing and things like that. It was the most Mormons I have seen in Nicaragua yet!

Crazy how warm it is up there, but the cool certainly did not come here! I sweat so much all the time; it feels weird when I am not sweating! 
Davis, I know that you are going to do a great job as president of the deacon’s quorum! Just remember to be friends with all the members and try to make them all feel involved.

 We have an investigator we want to get baptized named Silvio Espinoza. He is so hilarious, because he likes to joke in English with me, and has no shame in talking about whatever he wants to! He keeps telling us that he is going to be a member someday, but is scared to accept a date for baptism. Besides that, we don’t have anyone ready for baptism right now. It was kind of frustrating because we had like eight people committed to church and not one of them went. 

Some things about Managua I can say is that it is really busy, people always going somewhere. Lots of buses, motor cycles, people walking, etc.  It is much busier than Tipi Tapa. Another thing really cool is how we have nice stores here to buy stuff like donuts! Super awesome. Our house is really small, but we have running water 24/7 which is a great blessing. It has not rained here for a couple of months now, but the trees are still green! The people here will tell us anything to please us, and then just blow us off. One reason I like Silvio is because he always keeps his word, one of the few. The Latinos are very expressive and get offended very easily. They are not as blunt as I thought they would be, they are just not afraid to say what they think. We live by the airport, so we see planes coming in all the time, lots of homeless and drunk people everywhere, like on the same block as our house, which is kind of weird. They always ask for two pesos as we walk by. Tons of beggars everywhere! Lots of trees and not much grass, super sunny all the time!

I like Managua, because it is not as dirty as Tipitapa where sewage was running in the streets, and where everyone burned trash. People in Managua actually have somewhat of an education, so it is different teaching them than in Tipitapa where they just accepted what you told them.

Thanks for your emails and all that you do for me! Les amo! I love you! Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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