Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentines Nica

Hey family, Happy Valentine’s week! They celebrate that too here in Nicaragua! 
I think they celebrate almost all of our holidays except the Fourth of July. 
Mucho love to all of you! This week has been really good, but our number one 
investigator was not in church this week! We are close to baptizing him; his 
name is Walberto Silvio Espinoza! All he has to do is go to church one more 
time and accept the commandments and he is set! My companion Elder Estrada is 
crazy, but we are working really hard together. Yesterday we found a guy from 
Maryland USA named Hugo, and are going to visit him this week, he was very 
interested to hear about us because he is a truck driver and has seen the 
temples across the USA!
Today was great; we went to the market which is crazy! People and all types of 
things everywhere! But also really smelly. We were looking for a new bag for 
my companion to use in the streets. You can find almost anything you want at 
the market, and a lot of things are at a good price, sorry I don’t have pictures, 
I will take some more next time.
Just want to remind you all how lucky we are to live in the U.S! People here do 
not have the opportunities that we have at home. I am so grateful that we live 
in a place where we have nice things. There are parks here, but not very good 
ones. We are so lucky to have the education and all the facilities like parks, 
recreational land, libraries, and nice schools. Next time you feel bad just 
remember all the nice things we have and that it can always be worse! the average 
person here makes about $300 a month! 
Thanks for all the support you have given me! Love you all and miss you as always!

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