Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ciudad Jardin!

This week was really fun! I went on divisions with the district leader elder Harris, which was super cool. Working in his area was really fun, and then in the night of Saturday, he had two people baptized that we taught before! It is really fun speaking Spanish with my Latino comp 24/7, but is sometimes a little tiring, because I can’t explain myself as well as I want. 

A funny story this week, on Wednesday night, some catholic people invited us to eat from their little food stand. As we were sitting, eating a hard tortilla with vegetables on top, I felt a big wet bird turd run down my arm! And sure enough when I looked up in the tree above us, there was a morning dove right up in the tree, enjoying his night! There are a lot of funny and weird experiences here like that, like the time when a drunk man asked Elder Perkes (my old companion) and me if he could fight someone from our religion, we told him no, and he walked away!  

This place is crazy! The people are crazy, the food is.......different, and the sun is hot! We received elders from El Salvador, and they complain how poor and hot it is here!  Crazy!  But it is great here, the people are so humble and are ready to hear the gospel! Here are is a picture of where I live in the attachment below! Thanks for all you support, love you all so much!!  

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