Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dia De Madre

Hola Familia! Espero que ustedes están muy Bien! (translation: I hope you are doing good)

Mother’s day was really great, for the missionaries that is, because for some reason only Nicaragua celebrates it on May 30 unlike all the others that do it on the tenth of May. This week we had a small party for my birthday at the house of some recent converts called “The Family Rodriguez”, it was really fun.   This family is very poor, like most people in Nicaragua.  They cooked us dinner and then they brought out a cake for my birthday.  People here don’t have ovens, so this cake was bought from the store.  It had to cost at least $15.00, which is like 3-4 hours of work here.  

Last night, the Elders Quorum President invited us over to dinner.  There he gave me a present which was cologne or perfume.  This costs like $20.00 at the store.  The people here are so giving.  They have nothing but will do anything for you.  I always feel like I should be giving more, but I don’t know what more I can do.

I have heard the weather there has been really rainy right now. Here it is still sunny, but we have had a few hard rain showers that lasted about 30 minutes.  All else is good here in Nicaragua, Love you all!

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