Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hola Familia de el otro lado de cielo

Thanks for all your emails this week, it is great to hear that you are all doing very well. I am sad to hear that Chris is not doing so well at home. Tell the Evans that i love and miss them so much and hope that she gets better.

Sounds like the weather down there is really rainey! That must be really great!

Hey family! How did you know i would have changes this week? Well, it was my turn to leave this time and i took off this morning and am currently in Puerto Cabezas! I always wanted to come here since i began my mission! It is really jungly here, and lots of cool things to see. I stayed at the house of the other missionaries last night, and took a flight to Puerto this morning in a prop plane. It was sure weird to be back in the plane, but super cool. I will probably be stationed here for about a year. Puerto is so cool! There are all types of people, and everyone is so friendly. My new house is huge! We have everything, kitchen, bedroom, and a living space! The only  drawback is that it does not have running water. But nothing can be perfect all the time!

Thanks for sending me a gift! Mom and Dad! I am really ashamed to ask for this but it is an emergency! In puerto, things do not come until about 12 to 18 weeks after things are sent. My contact solution stash is running low. I dont believe Nicaragua has ever or will ever use contact
lenses, so the solution is impossible to find. If you could send some, I would be immensely grateful. Thank you for everything! Ike, Davis, Mom and Dad, I love you all so much and miss you all a ton. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me and your letters. I know it takes quite a bit of time to write letters that long, but i appreciate it so much!   Love you all, have a great week! 

I will try to take a bunch of photos next p day! My house is right next to the beach, so i will have some really good photos of that! Someday you guys will have to come here is possible, Puerto is something else, most of the houses are on stilts, really jungly, and a lot of people to find to help be baptized!

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