Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last week for this change!

     Well, this is the last week of this 6 week change. I think I might be moving this change, but won’t know for a week. 
      Today the fumigators passed by our house. They are these guys that walk around with a gas mask, and a leaf blower thing that blows out white fumes that kill all insect inhabitants in the surrounding area. Needless to say we abandoned the house for a few hours after. Every so often they come around to do this. But this actually was a great blessing, because we have had a few unwelcomed guests living in our house, and i would always wake up with bug bites.

     Not much different this week. A nice rainstorm came through the other day, but luckily we were in a casa of our friend Jorge. His rain gutter INSIDE his house was bad, yes inside (his house is about 2 inches
away from the next one, so due to the closeness of the other roof, he has to have one inside his house) water was coming in all over.  We hurried and helped him patch up all that we could to help, and luckily nothing got to wet. 

     The weather here has been a lot cooler! I am so happy! Everyone here says that April and March are always the worst or the warm before the stormy season.

     On Wednesday we had a new persons meeting, which was pretty fun, I got to see all of my old friends.  This Saturday we have a conference with one of the seventy named elder Duncan, should be fun!
     Mom and Dad, I seriously don’t have anything else to say, just that I love you guys so much. Thanks for all you do! Love you! Don’t worry, I am doing fine!

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