Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Una semana mas!

Well, this week was actually really great. As you may or may not have known, this week was changes! And i am staying with Elder Accordino for one more change! I am really excited about that, i love this area a lot, and we have a few really great investigators. 

Somethings that happened this week...

My comp got attacked by a dog as we were leaving an investigators house, but miracuosly he was shutting the gate to their yard at the same second the dog bit, so it got a face full of wood. What a miracle. This morning we saw a boy that was not so lucky that was provoking our neighbors dog and was attacked. This kid is not very kind, so he deserved it. 

We found a huge green crab in our bathroom. My comp was already paranoid of tarantulas, but when he went to the bathroom a crab went running around and scared him quite good. Not to mention a rat is living in our house, we came home and he ran around the room a few times, then up into the attic.

 Last night we were playing games at our dinner sita where you try to push the other person over trying to only use your hands, and when we left at eight thirty, we saw the lunar eclipse, which was totally unexpected. All of our neighbors have a weird ritual that you must make a ton of noise by banging things around the house to make the blood moon go away. They say if a pregnant woman is out during a lunar eclipse it will make the baby defected when born. Weird....

On Sunday all of our possibilities fell to go to church, but luckily a family went that we did not expect to go, which was a big miracle in our week.

Today Elder Shirlee is being tranferred to new area, so I wont eat lunch with him any more. He is the one in this photo sitting to my left at lunch.

Well, thats my week! Love you guys a ton!

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