Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Feliz 4 De Julio

  Hey fam, this week was a good one as they all are. Thanks for all the emails, i never get tired of reading them, even as time goes on. You might think that with time you would get bored, but I feel like they keep me somewhat updated on whats going on back home. I got an email from Elder Jacobsen back in Nicaragua. He sent me some photos of the people that we met in Tipitapa and Managua. 

   So the house was finally complete in the new location, which was right in the middle of a walking path. Unfortunately the government came and told them that they could not have the house there and would have to move it. So one Thursday we spent a few hours digging out the hillside where they will be able to put their house. It was so hot, we were drenched in sweat at the end of it. We wended up moving quite a bit of dirt. We still have to dig more, but it was a good start. 

  This week we did divisions with Elder Walker from South Carolina. He works in an area that's super far away called Somotillo, which is by the border of Honduras. We first took a bus for 30 minutes to Chinandega, then another hour and a half to get to his area. We go by this massive volcano called Mt Cristobal. Its so tall it parts the clouds that go by. I don't know if we could, but it would be an awesome adventure to go climb it... I heard that there's a road that goes part way up. The divisions were really fun, Elder Walker came to Corinto and we had a great time.
  There is a member here called Andres who went and worked with us everyday this week for six hours each day! He is so awesome. He gives us a ton of references and helps us teach all the time. We did divisions twice this week, so we have been working really hard to help people come unto Christ. We have worked really hard these two weeks and have found some cool people, but we are still looking for baptisms. 
 Here`s a photo of a ship coming into port from the beach.
That's about it for this week, love you guys  so much. Thanks for everything!  

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