Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Visita a Chinandega

Hey family, happy twenty-fourth of July! I hope that summer is super cool there at home! The photos of the hiking trip are awesome, was it pretty cold up there at night? It got a little cool here last Monday because it rained pretty good, but then turned right back to the nice humid heat. I am sure not going to miss the heat to much, but i will miss the humidity, because your hands and lips never get dry here. 

   This week we did divisions with Elder Alvarado and Ferrin again. I went to work in Chinandega for the night which was a blast. Elder Alvarado is from Salvador. He is a convert of about three years and is finishing his mission this week with Accordino, Shirlee, Monson and a ton of other missionaries. We visited a lot of cool people and taught some about the book of Mormon and others about the trinity. Other Religions are really popular in Chinandega. There's all types of them. Apostolic, Jehovas Witnesses, Adventists, Baptists, and of course the Catholic Church as well. Our church is fairly strong, there are three chapels in Chinandega, plus a few more like here in Corinto and other surrounding areas. 

  We had a sweet attendance this week of 151 people! The most I have seen in Nicaragua! People were having to squeeze in to find seats. It was so nice, because the attendance has recently been a little low. There are so many less actives here its crazy, but we have been working hard to invite them to come to church again. 

 Other exciting stuff is that Alison, our convert from last week spoke in Church! She did such a great job, and for only one week as a member she already knows so much about the church. She says she wants to serve a mission. It helps that she lives with a really active member as well. We should be having some more baptisms in the future. There's a guy here that has been going to church for a year straight that should be getting baptized in a few weeks, we hope so.

There's not much else to say, today we cleaned the house, there's a ton of spiders everywhere, and always mice in our garbage. Last night we ate dinner at a converts house, as we were sitting, their pet kitten was sleeping at the side of the house. Then out of nowhere two giant rats came running by the side of the house and ran into the kitten. It was funny because the rats are almost big as kittens here. 

Brother Andres and Domingo have been working with us a lot in these weeks, there such great guys. Andres brought investigators to church like he does every week. 

All is great here, love you guys so much!

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