Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Presidente Poncio

   Hey family, thanks so much for all the emails you have sent. I love them so much and hope that you enjoy reading mine as well. 

  Well, we had the reunion with the new president this week. His name is president Poncio, and he is really awesome. He shook everyone's hand and asked us where we are from. He was super excited for the work in the reunion and i cant wait to work with him. Of course I still miss the Collados, but the new president seems very kind as well. Hes from Guatemala, and has two children, both like 17 and 15 years old. 

    I also got to see some of my old buddies at the meeting for one last time, like Elder Sirrine and Elder Shirlee. They will all be leaving in three weeks from now, so I don't think i will see them again. Maybe someday when they get married and ill have to go to Arizona or Idaho to see their wedding. The mission is sure changing fast, lots of my friends are on their way out.

  This week was very successful in finding new investigators. We have been teaching a sister called Allison who lives with a super solid member named Carla. She should be getting baptized this week. We also have had a lot of other miracles this week with investigators. Like a sister that came to church who was married and baptized, but not confirmed, so we will have to baptize her again. And a mother and daughter who both went to church. Therese a guy named David that is super cool, but was working this week so was not able to go to church this week.

The family where we eat lunch moved their house yesterday, the government told them there time was up and they would have to move as fast as possible. We call him Papa Gordo and they're such a great family. I'm so sorry that they have had so many difficulties.

Andres and a brother called Domingo have been working with us almost everyday, I can't believe how dedicated these members are in this area.

 Today we had a beach activity here in Corinto. The waves a really big, excellent to surf i would think, but no one surfs here. The beaches are so different here than in Puerto Cabezas, it's crazy. There clean with nice sand, big waves and tons of sea shells. In Puerto they are very dirty. The weather was really nice, so we didn't burn to bad. Then we went and got some liquados, or smoothies. They are only a dollar here, so that's really nice. 

That's it for this week, and as for going to Puerto Cabezas i would be good either way, Its definitely not as nice as Corinto, but it would be really cool to see everyone again. I'm good either way. Love you guys so much. See you in two months!

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