Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Companion Changes and a baptism


This week had a lot of ups and downs. This week we baptized the some of the members of our lunch sita! It was so great, because these people have been so great to us since we have gotten here. I baptized a man by the name of William, who is a short quiet little dude who smiles at you every time you talk with him. It was so great to see how happy he and his family were at the baptism.


Elder Jacobsen and Elder Clark

This Sunday was really really hard for me. As you may know, every six weeks we have changes in the mission where missionaries might be assigned new areas. It turned out that elder Jacobsen got called to Managua. He left this morning. It was really hard to see him leave. Honestly, my life in Tipitapa and my area was a piece of crap before he came. He is such a hard working missionary, it stinks to see him leave. With him, we baptized nine people in four weeks. I don’t think there are many other missionaries like him here. Even though I knew he wasn’t always having a good time, he could put on a great attitude for our investigators.

Luckily though, I am assigned with an elder from Bountiful called Elder Perkes! He is super nice and has a great attitude. I don’t know him to well right now, but I know we are going to do great. I sent a picture of him, his old companion and I. Elder Perkes is the one in the middle.

   Nicaragua is so much different than I thought it would be. I see all the pictures of my friends in the jungle and raining all the time. Tipitapa is not really like that. It has not really rained here for a week, and I am in the middle of a city made of one story buildings. We are kind of like celebrities around here, as in everyone stares at us and calls us ‘cheles’ which means white guy. Everywhere you go there is some dirt and dust on the floor. It is a different kind of life people have here.

     Thanks everyone that has supported me here. There have been some really hard times here, but I am doing my best. Got to go!

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