Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Great Week in TipiTapa

           Hello family!


     This week was really great and probably one of the best I have had so far. First off, we moved into a new apartment, which is so much better than the last. I am so grateful elder Jacobsen found it for us, he is amazing! This new apartment is awesome! We have good flowing water in the afternoon, and usually some in the morning, a small kitchen,(but no appliances), a small washroom to wash whatever and dry them on strings, and is so much safer and cooler than the last one. I swear it stays about five degrees cooler in our new house than our old one. 


       The next best thing about this week, was that I received you package mom and dad! I was so excited when Hermana Barker the mission nurse said she had something for me in her car! I am so excited to open it when I get home tonight!

But the best thing happened this week is that we baptized a whole family of four, along with a fifteen year old. I had the opportunity to baptize the youngest two in the family named Victor and Javier. I was so nervous I was shacking in the font. It was a great experience though. We have been teaching them for quite a while, and they now want to go to the temple. I will try to send a picture with this email for you to see. Mom, I tried using drop box, but the computers here don’t have it. Sorry if you put a lot of work into it.

         I am so grateful for my companion Elder Jacobsen. I would be so lost without him. He is so hard working it is crazy. Our days since he came are always so packed with appointments that we hardly have time to do anything else! He really loves the investigators, and tries to help them beyond their conversion. He buys them food and clothes that they desperately need. That is a big problem here. They don’t have enough money to get to church, and don’t have any church clothes, so they feel awkward going. Currently we are doing a lot of work in what we call the Promised Land; where the poorest people live, but also the most receptive to the gospel live. It is really hard to get them to church because they are so poor, and it is the farthest area from the church. This is where we found the family we baptized. 

           The other missionaries also moved in right next to us in the same apartment complex. Elder Fairbourn and Elder Chen are their names. They are great missionaries and I love it when I go on splits with Elder Fairbourn.


              Everything else is Wonderful. I think I am adjusting more and more each week.   Thanks for all of your support and all you do for me. Love you all so much.  Here is a picture of my nasty toe:

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