Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The not so jungly Nicaragua

     Another great week here in TipiTapa!  My companion and I worked really hard and had about twenty people committed to church! The bad thing is that people’s word here is worth about two cents. Only two of the people committed came! On the other hand, our assistance to church has gone way up again! Within the last three weeks our assistance to church was cut in half due to Purisima, where everyone goes and worships Mary Christs Mother all over the streets.  A few Sundays ago, the whole city let of fireworks right at noon to celebrate Mary! It was so crazy, it was impossible to listen because the fireworks were so loud.

       My companion is super great. He is always happy, no matter what time of day. I sometimes have a hard time being happy and having a good attitude, but he always helps me to look on the bright side. This week we did not have a ton of success, but we did work really hard! I have learned a lot from him about this. I know a missionaries success is not determined by his baptismal numbers, but by how hard he worked and how much he loved the people. Elder Perkes always loves the people even when they don’t keep their promises.

       My toe infection has come back, it is getting really gross. The nurse said I will probably be going to the hospital if it does not clear up soon. It doesn’t hurt, but it is kind of annoying.

       The weather out here is getting very dry. It has not rained here for about three weeks, but somehow everything stays really green.  I think it is because of the humidity and how everyone dumps their water onto the streets to keep the dust down. The dust is getting a little bad as well. My stuff at our apartment will have a thin layer of dust when we get home. 

         Hey Mom and Dad, I ran into Elder Jennings!  Brother Deyoungs nephew! He was transferred to work here in TipiTapa with Elder Fairbourn. He is an Awesome Elder and is really great to be around.

       If I can’t Skype on Christmas I will make sure to call you guys.  I have no idea at the moment when I will be able to, hopefully I will by next Monday.  I wish you all a great Christmas!

      Nothing else is to exciting right now. Thanks for all the support you give me! Love you guys, and keep sending me your emails!

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