Monday, December 22, 2014

La Navidad Nica Style

Dear friends and Family

       Thanks for all your emails and support you have given me!
       This week was really good! We baptized a seventeen year old named Rudy this week. He was a little apprehensive but was really  appy afterwards. 

       We have been digging latrines like no other here! Every week we spend the morning digging a pit that ends up being eight feet deep! It is surprisingly really hot down there

with no wind to cool the sweat on your face. It is really dirty work but also very rewarding at the same time.
       Had a Christmas party at the Hilton Today! It was really weird being in such a rich place after living around metal shacks all the time. Nicaragua sure has the rich and the poor parts. Tipitapa is kind of in the middle, but coser to the poorer side. All the nice tropical spots are where the rich people live, so Tipitapa is more like open plains right out of the city. At the party we had real American food and got to watch the maze runner! Super awesome! Then we had a talent show with all the missionaries. Some were surprisingly quite amazing, including Elder Jennings (from my district) who can juggle really well. We ended with a testimony meeting which was really powerful. We were sure really spoiled today!
       I found elder Jacobsen at the party and he gave me a bunch of gifts to give to our converts! What a great Elder, they are going to be so excited to get something for Christmas.

       Nothing else new. Love you all and thank you all for your support. I really wish I could email longer but I can’t. Love you all!

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