Friday, November 20, 2015

Lluvia Sin Fin!

What a rainy week it has been. Every night and day some big showers are coming through, and our area is a mud hole. As you might now, all of the mesquites (people of Puerto) here build their houses upon tall stilts so there house does not get flooded. For good reason too. A members house, named Hermana Sandina, was flooded all around, like a pond in the front yard. We had to scale up the side of the porch, because the stairs were swamped. Luckily we both have umbrellas, so we don't ever get too soaked. I have heard that we are nearing the end of the dry season, but I think the man upstairs kept the best for last. 

We had a few miracles this week. We were visiting a members house on Tuesday, and found a 19 year old by the name of Edgar. I could not believe how ready this guy was to be baptized. He read all of the pamphlets that we gave him, and even accepted a date to do it. Sadly, he had to move back to Managua today, so that was sad. He said he wanted to be a missionary some day, hopefully the missionaries will teach him when he gets the reference.

Due to the rain, the church attendance at 9:30 on Sunday was about 12 people. But luckily it stopped and by ten there were 60 people! This is some serious Mormon standard time, considering Church starts at 9:00. Everyone always come late, all the time.

We have some new really cool investigators that Elder Shawcroft has been teaching for a while. We had a ton of investigators come to church which was awesome! Two are brothers named Moises and Victor. Moises came in the morning session, and victor came in the evening. These brothers are references from A recent convert of Shawcroft named Enoc. Enoc is 20 years old and is crazy about missionary work. He brings a friend to church all of the time, and is planning on serving a mission next year. Ill try to get a picture of him this week. 

Thats all for this week, thanks for all of the emails. I love you all so much. Don't forget how blessed all of you are, the people here really have nothing. Love you all!

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