Wednesday, November 25, 2015

And they sing, and sing, and sing!


Great week again as always. We have been working really hard this week to find some news, but with little success. We have however found some people that are amazing with the faith that they show. This week we had a great lesson with one of our investigators named Yarkha who is 19, we taught the lesson, felt the spirit, and even asked her to baptize. Sadly something was keeping her back from it, but we did not know why. Then, as we were leaving the mom came up to us and told us that we cant come back to visit her anymore because they are evangelic o. Sad stuff, but luckily our investigators sister is a member, and she still went to district conference! It is great to see that there are those people in the world that look for God on their own, and not from family tradition.

  Other news! I was going to be released from my mission on Aug 30 2016, but the MTC is having a change in the time missionaries are going to be there. So... we have been given two more weeks to work here in Nicaragua! So I will now be leaving around Sept 12. Its only two weeks more, and i left on the 17 of September, so its not to much more to do. 

  Conference was so great this week, We rented four buses to go all around Puerto to bring members, and we filled up the whole chapel! Lots of the recent converts received the Melchizedek priesthood this week, which was great. We don’t have to much priesthood power here. As you know, about 75% of the members are women, what a shame. Some people from Managua came and talked with us this week about what Puerto can do better. The Missionaries have a huge roll here, every branch has either two or four missionaries. And we run almost everything.  
Here are some photos of my house, we have a mentally challenged neighbor named Debra that comes and tries to visit our house all the time. She usually just stays at the window and talks to us in Spanish and mosquito. Its so funny. 
Also, the Baptist church is located right in front of our house, they sure love to party, and sing. All the time the pastor is singing Venga los Niños Vengan los niños que aman dios! And they sing, and sing, and sing! Their church is just so different then ours its crazy. We focus on doctrines,  commandments, ordinances, and feeling the spirit in a solemn manner. This church is all about loud music, dancing, yelling as pastors, and going to the front and bowing down on their knees at the alter. Its really different.

That’s all for this week, have a great Thanksgiving! Les amo!

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