Friday, November 13, 2015

Lots of weddings....

It sounds like there are a lot of people getting married up there in the
U.S, and there is no difference here! We sure had a bunch of miracles
this week, because some of our investigators were ready to do it
themselves! On November 7!
    We have been teaching two couples for the last few weeks, and this
week they were ready to be married and baptized!One of the families had
great opposition in their family to be baptized, because the parents are
Adventists, and they would not allow it. This couple had so much faith
though, that they did it even with this opposition. Afterward they had to
leave back home to Corn Island. It was sure a miracle that they were
baptized, because we contacted them one of the first days they arrived,
and baptized them on their last day here two weeks later. 
  After the other couple was confirmed on Sunday, they invited us over
to eat with them for lunch, it was great! They were our neighbors, so it
was really cool, right there on the beach.

More news, I no longer live on the beach.... we had changes this week,
the mission is combining the area with another, so i am staying in the
combined area, but had to change houses. I also have a new companion
named Elder Shawcroft from Colorado. He is a very nice guy, i am sure we
are going to do great. At least the new house has running water, but it
does not have the stereo or couches.
 Our neighbors kicked their drunk neighbor out of their house, so he is
sleeping on the deck of my old house now. it is so sad to see how
alcohol can destroy families like that. 
   We are have been battling the rats in our house this week, as well!
Late, on Friday night, we returned home, and there.... on my counter
top...... rummaging around my tooth brush.... was a big fat rat!!! I
quickly grabbed the broom as Elder Accordino grabbed the Baygon. The rat
took off, running up the window curtains, but with no escape. Accordino
tried to spray it off the wall, but it dodged his attempts. Then the rat
took the only way out, running on the floor. My comp and I both stomped
on it several times as it ran off, but it somehow survived, climbed up
the wall, and disappeared into the crack in the wall, luckily my new
house is rat free as far as we know. 
 Thanks for all the emails, I love you guys so much, have a great week!

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