Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A la Muelle

Hola Amado familia!

   How has the Christmas season been going up there in the freezing cold. Always hot and sunny here in Nicaragua. This week has been super great with my new comp Elder Torres. He is just a ball of energy, who loves to work and is always happy. It is great. 
   We had a baptism this week with a guy named Marcos. We found him about three weeks ago with Elder Shawcroft. This guy was so excited to be baptized and change his life. What amazes me is how much he has changed. Before, people say that he would wander around town drunk, doing nothing. But then he had a change of heart over the past few weeks. He has been sober since we found him. Even though 99 percent of the people we are trying to help reject it, the one percent makes up for it. We did have some problems though... When we got to his baptism at 9 am, the font was completely filthy, full of dirt because they had recently cleaned the water pumps that pump for all of Puerto. We had to spend and hour and a half draining and cleaning it and then another hour to fill it. Marcos and his mother waited 2 and a half hours for him to be baptized, it was great. He then went to church Sunday morning, and then again Sunday night! What a miracle. 
   Today my comp and I went out to meet our friend Chester on the Pier of Puerto. I snuck in some photos as well. Almost all the money that comes from Puerto comes from the sea. Today we seen a guy dragging a train of 6 gigantic turtles up the pier. They will surely end up as lunch tomorrow. It is kind of sad, but the people got to eat something more than beans and rice. 

Thanks for all the emails. I feel really distant from you guys. Cant wait for the 25! We will make plans next week for when we can talk. Any time is ok for me. Love you all, have a great week!


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