Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad Familia!

I hope the Christmas spirit is really good back there in Utah, its all great here. People  are so poor, there is not much for presents and other festivities. What is great though, is that everyone here still loves Christmas here, because everyone is Christan! Its really cool to see that here, many people get lost in the idea of presents, and festivities. Here, the people only have Christ to look to, because no one really has money to do other things. I got a photo of the Christmas party, you all look a bit older, especially Daniel and Ike. 

 A Christmas miracle happened this week. I lost my hymn book .... again.... about four months ago at a baptismal service, I left it on top of my bag, and when i took my comp clothes to change because he baptized, it was gone. Well, my friend elder Martell from California was visiting some less actives, and he found it! A little girl robbed it when she went to the service four months ago. Its a little dirty from all the little children, but is still good, and has the note that aunt nick wrote in it. 

Our other miracle was we had a baptism this week. When i first got to Puerto, we visited this lady who did not want much with us. She always said she would go to church, but never ever went. We eventually left teaching her, until this change. Then almost out of nowhere, when we decided to visit her a few weeks ago, she was ready to accept the gospel. Then, she even had her 10 year old baptized this week. It was great to see how some people are not ready to accept the gospel now, but in time they can change. She has not missed church since we first visited. 

Marcos our recent convert is doing good, he came to church twice each Sunday for the last two weeks. Here is a photo of him and my comp. We also had some heavy raining, A members house looks a bit swampy, doesn't it? 

Thanks for all that you guys do, have a great cold Christmas this year, and always remember that giving is always better then getting. Love you all!

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