Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dia de gracias!

Happy Thanksgiving for all of you, and hope that el espiritu de navidad is there in Utah. Christmas is starting to be seen around here, most people are so poor that they don't have decorations, but others go all out. Thanks for all the emails you sent me, sounds like all is going well at home.

This week we received a new presidency in our branch. President Glen was ready to have a break, all of the pressure was on that family. Whats crazy is that all of the new branch presidency is new converts! All of them! That means all of them have less than a year as amember. Even crazier is that Accordino and my convert Francisco was called as second councilor. He had never missed a day of church until the day he was called, because he got really sick this Sunday... que suerte. But it is so great to see new people taking on great roles in the church.

Mom and dad, I had been afraid to tell you that i lost my baptismal clothes a couple of months ago, we had a baptism, and i could not find my pants for the longest time. This week Elder Monson had a baptism with his new companion, and they had the family who washes our clothes baptize their new convert. Afterward, I found my pants hanging out to dry, full of sand because the baptism was at the beach. I was really happy about that. 

On Thursday we had a Thanksgiving breakfast! My friend Elder Walker from South Carolina cooked crapes for breakfast, they were great.

 On Friday we went to the hospital to find a recent converts mother who is very ill, we searched for an hour, but could not seem to find her. The hospital is so out of date, and dirty, no one really wants to be there, but people dont know how to take care of themselves here, so everyone ends up going all of the time. We did however find another member and their baby sick in the hospital, and talked with them, then even crazier we found a member of the district presidency in the hospital with appendicitis! We gave him a prayer, because there were to many people around to do a blessing, but he looked really sick, he could not even open his eyes due to the pain. 

The photo I am sending was at lunch in a place called membreƱos, We are all in the same district. There's Elder Shawcroft from Colorado, Shirlee from Idaho, Accodino from Saint George, Walker from South Carolina, and Baltimore from Florida. Our district is super great, and we are all really good friends. We all have more or less the same time in the mission as well. 

Thanks for all of you guys, miss you all a ton. I cant wait for next years thanksgiving! Love you all!

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