Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Adios Shawcroft

Elder Shawcroft and Elder Croft
 This week was great, we worked really hard, have a lot of people investigating the church, and even have many people getting ready to be baptized in the upcoming weeks, then disaster happened, Shawcroft got sent to estali, outside of the zone. It was so sad, all he kept saying is that he wanted to be in Puerto Cabezas for Christmas. Its a big bummer to see him leave. The photo included is Shawcroft and I with Puerto in the back. Today I got a new companion called Elder Torres from Guatamala. He is a very nice guy from what I can tell, but I only have 3 hours with him. He is 25 years old, but I know that my spanish is going to improve a lot having a latino companion again. 

Funny story, we had to got to the police office to get some papers for Shawcroft's Visa here. When we were waiting in line, a big fat rat came running around the floor over peoples feet and hid behind a board in the office. Luckily an office worker quickly jammed the board into the wall, squishing all of its contents (The Rat). Pretty gross, those things are everywhere. We seen three of them in the rafters of our house the other night chasing one another fighting. 

A big fat dump truck got stuck in our area this week, it was tyring to go over a small bridge this week, and it did not support its weight, and the little passover broke. The truck had to empty all its garbage over the street when they were getting it unstuck, so it was like a little dump in the middle of town, not that much different than other places, because people throw their trash on the ground anyway. 

 Its water pear season, so some of these trees give off these pink needles where the flowers are, after they fall off, it looks a bit odd with these patches of pink on the ground. 
Our new branch presidency is doing well, but Francisco has gotten an infection around his hip, it looks pretty bad, and he does not have any money to treat it. It is so sad how poor some are here, he did not have 35 cents to get an injection to help the pain before we went to his house. They are absolutely broke, I think he only lives off of rice and beans, like many others here.
Thats all for this week, thank you for all the emails. I know that it gets kind of boring having to write me each week, but I really appreciate it. It is so nice to hear what is going on back at home. I already know i have forgotten a lot about that place, it feels like it has been forever since i have been home. In three weeks we can talk on Skype again, that will be great. Thanks for everything, love you all! 

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