Monday, January 25, 2016


I did not have a cool topic this week, but i am going to be done with two thirds of the mission this week. These last 8 months flew by so fast here in Puerto. Thanks for all the emails you have sent me, they have been really great this week. 
  This week was really average, nothing new happened, and we did not have any baptisms this week. Hopefull next week we will. We did have emergency changes though in the zone. A new guy came in one the airplane today, he is from Alabama, and sure seems happy to be here. 

 On Friday morning a freaking huge spider scared me really good. It was a few inches across, and only had four of its twelve legs. We killed it with some permethrin in the house. For some reason lots of bugs love to live in our house, thank goodness for mesquito nets. 

I got some letters from Bishop Peterson, Chocolate from Ed Kinzey, more letters from Aunt Sharlene, and a letter from the Deyoungs. Please tell them i am very grateful for their letters of support. I cant believe they still remember me after all this time. If you have the email adress of any of them, that would be good, but if not dont sweat it. But plese tell them thankyou for me.

Today we played soccer at the church and cut our hair for forty cords. That about $1.50, what a deal. Im going to miss stuff for so cheap. I am so grateful that we have minimum wage where we live. People work 8 hours a day and make $20 if they are lucky. We are so blessed. 

Sorrry for the lack of stuff this week, nothing new is happening. Love you all so much!

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