Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Semana Milagroso

Well, this week was one of the best ones I would have to say. First off, we were working really hard this week to baptize. We have been working a lot with a less active whose husband passed away about a year ago, and she has gone inactive since. She also had a daughter who accepted to be baptized about two weeks ago, and she was baptized this Saturday! It was so great, the zone all baptized together at the chapel, and all went great.It is amazing to see the change the gospel can make in peoples lives when they accept to follow the lord and obey his commandments. Anyone can change. 

  We are also visiting a family that lives a little ways from the main part of town out in the jungle/ plains. They are so poor, it is so sad. If you can see, they live in a hut made of metal laminate, and black tarp. They all came to church this week, which was so awesome. Usually after the first time of church we spend the hours after inviting the people who didn't go to go in the evening. It was a big miracle this week, because almost everyone went this week. Our attendance for our ward was 105, one of the highest it has been for a while. 

  President is also coming this week, that should be great. He is going to do interviews with each missionary to see how they are doing. It is really nice to learn from him, he knows so much about missionary work. 

Today we went and played soccer on the beach. It was cloudy and began to rain. We all got a bit soaked and really sandy. The beach away from the center of town is gorgeous, just wish we could swim. The water is really warm. 

We have also been working with a 12 year old who is from blue fields and speaks English, its pretty fun teaching in English! 

Thanks for all of the emails and everything, I cant tell you how glad I am to read them Love you guys! 

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