Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Feliz Navidad Y Prospero Ano

Well, Christmas here in Puerto is great, Christmas eve was a huge firework party for everyone, and then drunk people filled the street. Everyone in Nicaragua loves fireworks, little kids playing with fire crackers, and the older people use these bazooka type fireworks that make a really nice bang. Its quite different than back at home, that's for sure. At midnight when Christmas begins, everyone sets off fire works at the same time. I slept through it this year, but I remember last year was nuts. 

  This Christmas our zone did a gift exchange. I gave one of the latino companios an oil container that I had, and he loves it, wears it everywhere. My old Companion Elder Accordino gave me a bunch of cereal, I'm really excited for that. Our lunch appointment also invited us to lunch on Christmas, she bought a bunch of new condiments, and even made us a salad, which is really expensive for these people. They are so kind, the members will do anything for the missionaries here, even if they are really poor. They sure show the Christmas Spirit of giving. Most of the kids don't get anything for Christmas here, so all of you be grateful for what you got. 

  Our lunch appointment even gave us a reference for a baptism this week. Her name is Zelanda, and she only speaks mesquito. Teaching her involved a lot of espanito, Mesquito mixed with español(spanish).l But with the help of the family, she received all the lessons, and was baptized on Christmas. We have had a hard time finding news lately, but many new people came to church last week, we will see where that goes. 

  Christmas can be really hard for the people though, many fell into the temptation to drink, including some members. Alcohol is a big problem here. We ran into about 5 drunks on Christmas that stopped us in the street, all ask us for money. Its really sad. 

    Tomorrow we will have our Christmas party, so that is going to be great. Just us and President here in Puerto. A little late, but i am so excited. The best thing about Christmas was skyping Chritmas morning. After 7 months, the family begins to look a little different, but to see them again is worth any Christmas present. 

 Thanks for all the letters you guys send, love you all, and hope that your holidays are great. Adios!  

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