Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Buenas de Puerto!

Wow, Thanks for the photos mom, It kind of looks like Püerto Cabezas a little bit, jut a lot more mountains. Hey and guess what, they cleanedp the beach here, so all is looking sweet. Vacation Puerto Cabezas! Jk.
 uThanks for everything you guys are sending me, I appreciate it all a ton.
Well, this week we did divisions with our zone leaders Elder Monson, and Elder Gonzales. It was fun to teach with Monson again in his area, I feel like I learned a lot on inviting people to be baptized. The mission
is not baptizing very much this year as it was last year, so we are trying a few new ways of inviting people to be baptized, the goal is five people everyday. 

Elder Jacobsen sent me some ties when my zone leaders went to Managua. He is sure a great missionary. Even after all this time he still tries to help me be a better missionary. The ties are sweet.

We are teaching some less actives and a family who is friends with them. They are sweet, the dad has gone to church every week for the last three weeks, and I believe that he is going to be Baptized. It is so great to
have awesome investigators. We ask everyone, but the greatest obstacle here is that people already have their own church, and don't want to change. 

Here are some pics of the airport last Monday. Sorry I did not take many new photos, everything is still pretty much the same as it was last week. A cold front came in yesterday, and everything got really wet and  cold. I did not even sleep with my fan on! Wow! 

Thanks for everything, have a great week, Love you all!  

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