Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One more Change in Loma Verde!

Well changes came, and it turns out that I will have another change here in Puerto Cabezas! What was sad though, is that my three really good friends Elder Shirlee, Elder Accordino, and Elder Alverado all left today. It is really sad to see them go, Shirlee came to Puerto with me, and Accordino was a great companion. I am so glad though to be here for another change. I was really scared I was going to leave this change, but luckily im here for the stay with Elder Torres for another two months!

We had a baptism this week with a niño from a member family. He did not speak to much Spanish, so teaching him was a little difficult, but we brought a returned missionary to help us teach. It was a great baptism. His name is Jayson, and he is a stud. One day we found him on the beach, and he had fished a whole bucket of tiny fish that the family fries up to eat. And yesterday he gathered a ton of mini clams for his family to eat. Only 11 years old and still providing for the family.

Our recent convert Jessica spoke this week on the plan of salvation and how we need to help other come to the gospel. It is so great to see the miracles that come into the lives of the members when they put their faith in Christ. 

Got some more Turtle rings and stuff from our Homi Hilario, its all really cheap here, but the work is really cool. 

I cant believe that you guys are going on another trip! How fun, I bet Puerto Rico is going to be a blast, hopefully pueden aprender un poquito español también en la viaje [you can learn a little Spanish while traveling, too!] Thank you so much for the photos, I love to see you guys. I feel as though I am getting to the point where my family feels really distant, like I have not seen you guys for like 16 months... I miss you guys all a ton.  Have a great week.

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